‘Sturgeon’ FOUR TIMES better than ‘Boris’. ScotGov THREE TIMES better!

Oh go on, tell us the score!

Imagine ‘Sturgeon’ was less popular than the PM and the Scottish Government was less popular than the UK Government. Go on try. Use your imagination. You’ve seen Matt Hancock on the TV.

Here’s the score:

graph on handling of crisis

BBC Editor to reporter:

Wait,not wholly uncritical?’

Thank goodness. Where is it? What is it? We can put it in the sub below a dull headline that might put folk off reading on.

You can’t find it now? It’s just that they didn’t get 100% approval?

Is it this?

In so far as they exist, critics of Edinburgh’s handling of the pandemic are most common among the minority who think that the measures in their area have been too strict.

That all you’ve got? No numbers?


OK leave it in. Can we call that analysis?

4 thoughts on “‘Sturgeon’ FOUR TIMES better than ‘Boris’. ScotGov THREE TIMES better!

  1. That must stick in the craw of the BBC, cough cough.
    I wouldn’t consider Johnson to be a ‘leader’ especially not in Scotland. He is an embarrassment, difficult to understand why the people of England vote the Tories in, easy to understand why Scotland does not.
    There could hardly be more contrast in how people view Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of this crisis, the difference is stark. The BBC must think, or rather hope that people are stupid. They are desperate to undermine the ScotGov, even though the evidence shows that most people are aware of just exactly how ‘their leader’ has managed to throw off the four nation approach (while the BritNats have continued to demand the FM should and must follow the lead of the catastrophic Tories in London) and work in the interests of the people of Scotland.
    Nicola Sturgeon deserves a medal quite frankly!

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    1. ” Difficult to understand why the people of England vote the Tories in”.
      I’m not saying I know the the complete answer A.H, but I have a number of English relatives, mostly Scottish/Irish by birth, and they are still maintaining that the the Tories are the only party they would vote for, as they all have a near pathological dislike of the Labour Party.
      No matter how great a disaster Covid 19/ Brexit is for their adopted country, they seem determined not to change their combined minds.


  2. I’m sure Repressing Scotland would have DRossie on the “discuss” (no questions asked) this poll—in the interests of fairness of course.
    And Ian Murray.
    And Lard Ffoulksakia.
    And Broonie.
    And Big Bella.
    And Ruthless.
    Alex Massie.
    Stephen Daisley.

    “Its a meaningless snapshot—Here is what people REALLY think”!

    All for balance, Trident and the British Way!

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  3. It seems to be a close run thing, between DRossie and Broonie as to who gets the most airtime on our colonial broadcasters.
    Broonie seems to be popping up everywhere, so I wondered if he is throwing his hat into the ring for next Scottish Tory Leader.

    BBC Hoot’n’Nannie would simply love that!
    And Broonie might then get his coveted Ermine robe!

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