Ill-informed business leader needs holiday in Camden

Some readers might remember the Dead Kennedy’s Holiday in Cambodia, where middle class moaners whinge about some aspect of their comfortable lives in the West and are urged to try life in the Killing Fields of 1970s Cambodia.

Why am I reminded of the song and its message when I read the above headline and this?

Business went about investing millions in putting in the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), setting up the Test and Protect systems and ensuring that their operations were as safe as they could be. But we feel that the Government hasn’t fully delivered on its side of the bargain, which was to deliver a very successful Test and Protect system. That clearly hasn’t worked otherwise we wouldn’t be going into another round of lockdowns.

Leaving aside his confused notion that businesses played any part in setting up the Test and Protect system and the ridiculous notion that the Scottish Government can be held responsible for those who, though contacted, chose not to quarantine themselves and went on to produce the second wave, Patrick seems incredibly unaware of the situation.

In Scotland the Test and Protect teams have typically contacted 80% in 48 hours and over 90% in the end. Now that’s more than adequate.

In England, according to the BMJ on the 10th November:

The national Test and Trace is a disaster. Its design means that it cannot possibly contain outbreaks of covid-19. It is obsessed with testing at the expense of all the other necessary links in the chain of actions needed to control outbreaks. It fails to detect asymptomatic people and those who are unwilling or unable to be tested and it ignores false negatives. This means that before it starts, it has potentially missed up to 80% of those who are infectious. It then loses cases at each of the stages of informing the index case, collecting information on contacts, reaching those contacts, and then persuading them to self-isolate. 

Not only is that inadequate it’s culpable.

10 thoughts on “Ill-informed business leader needs holiday in Camden

  1. But strangely Track and Trace in England have managed to contact the PM and Dido Harding, head of T&T, and send them in to self-isolation and thus out of the reach of people who might want to ask them awkward questions. Convenient or what?

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    1. Thanks for the link, Scott. This is a remarkable account by Richard Murphy of his experience participating in a Scottish Young Fabians online meeting along with Jackie Baillie and Kevin Hague. Murphy doesn’t mince his words, does he?

      Just one section reproduced below because of the telling couple of sentences at the end!

      “I explained that an independent Scotland would record a massively different economic performance to that of Scotland now. I explained that it would have its own finance centre. It would record its own rents and financial income, and the tax due on both would be paid. It would measure its imports and exports, and financial flows. It could also control and tax t’s own profits. But most importantly, it could invest in its own future and deliver sustainable growth. And so on.

      And I was openly laughed at. Jackie Baillie smirked in contempt throughout.”

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  2. Context? Perspective? Common sense?
    How are things elsewhere? Parts of England have been locked down for months, without respite. Now the entirety of England is locked down, including parts with very low rates of infection.
    I suspect the REAL problem is—this man has been watching the victim-fest that runs nightly on BBC Repressing Scotland.
    My advice? Don’t watch this show, if you are highly impressionable or easily frightened.
    If you have to watch it, do it with a child or young adult–They tend to be more cynical and less gullible.
    Read The Tusker.
    Watch a comedy show.
    Have a laugh with friends (remotely).
    Get a life!

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  3. Looking at their ‘news’ on their site it looks like they are demanding ‘mass testing’ and ‘workplace testing’. You can’t test people in gyms, or in pubs, and mass testing has been proved to be of no value but much monetary cost. If Scotland was independent and had full fiscal powers as countries like, Norway has, the support for businesses, small ones at least who will struggle, could be much more than the £30m that has been announced by the Scottish government. The G.Chamber of commerce organisation does not just deal with small businesess at all though anyway. Have a look at their ‘partners’ list.
    Their biggest threat surely in the very near future, around the corner, is Brexit. A quick look at their advice and they advise businesses to plan ahead…hmmm.

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  4. A skelp wi a 4 by 2 micht help, or a coo’s erse in the case of the orchestrator whether the Baronless or the DRoss.
    A public health emergency deals with people, they are affected and businesses respond, which part of these “market economics” does Stuart suddenly not understand, before comparative performance southward ?
    A scam piece manufactured for political ends, no deployment of “biggliest” so not US origin, no mention of separatits so not DRoss, there has to be anudder motive…


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