77% think BBC Scotland has failed to inform on the Infernal Market Bill


Without attempting any scientific study at the time, I felt sure BBC Reporting Scotland had the lightest of touches on the Internal Market Bill and its clear threats to the devolution settlement. Scottish Tories were never confronted with it.

Other social media commentators were strongly critical of the coverage.

It seems we were not imagining things.

A poll by Panelbase for Scot Goes Pop, has reported dramatic findings.

A ‘staggering’ 77% of the respondents did not think the BBC had done enough to make the public aware of the changes proposed in the bill.

James Kelly wrote:

I was actually quite staggered by that result – I thought we might see an even split, with independence supporters being critical of the BBC and unionists more content.  But in fact this is a rare example of literally every demographic or political group mentioned in the datasets reaching the same conclusion.  89% of SNP voters, 68% of Labour voters, 74% of Liberal Democrat voters, 62% of Conservative voters, 86% of Yes supporters, 63% of No supporters, 77% of people born in Scotland and 76% of people born in England all agree that the BBC have failed to properly inform the public. 

For more insightful comment:


9 thoughts on “77% think BBC Scotland has failed to inform on the Infernal Market Bill

  1. The BBC is controlled by Unionist, managed by Unionist, staffed by Unionist.
    The output is designed to convince Scots that we live in a land plagued by drug induced murderers. Their entire output is based on a scatter gun approach to Freedom of Information Requests. They trawl through thousands of these to find any examples that can be turned into a lurid negative headline. They visit the fishing fleet owners in Peterhead for a “balanced view”. The scour the streets to find a Unionist with a rant.

    It is simple propaganda.

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  2. Whatever happened to Donalda’s relaunch, reboot, reconnect?

    The new BBC Hoot’n’Nannie is very much the sama as the old BBC Hoot’n’Nannie.

    Jackie the Craw has gone, but,
    her (mean) spirit soldiers on!
    Listen, while they trill, it’s as if
    Pacific Quay, were filled,
    By Maggie Thatchers spawn.

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  3. As far as the ABC concerned
    Quite simply for them it can easily be referred to
    1.Being caught with their pants around their ankles
    2.Standing in the midst of a beetroot patch
    With bright red hands
    3.No use them crying it wisnae me Mister HONEST
    They have now more than successfully attained the status of being sèen by the majority as none other than the propaganda
    Machine for Westminster
    And little do they realise that never ever shall there exist a way back for them under any circumstances and for the unforgiveable CRIMES they have committed on The Scottish Nation
    Let us all never mince our words whilst dealing with them,being nice about them just allows them to play their game as they want
    And such is a fatal error in accepting your Foes terms if you engage
    Call a spade a spade

    I would not believe them even if they told me they indeed were lying


  4. It’s possibly because those BBC reporters who would be exposing the innards of the Internal Market Bill to the nation either don’t understand themselves what it means for Scotland ; or because they’re under orders to spend their time hunting for even the smallest “Scotland Bad” seed they can nourish and project rather than trying to grasp its significance!


  5. Just to add my wee bit to the pile of BBC-isms, today’s ramblings on the effects on Scotland of Johnson’s latest green adventure contains the following assertion, attributed to Friends of the Earth:
    “They want us to reduce our emissions even further and plant more trees which soak up carbon dioxide and turn it into hydrogen”.
    As per usual, there is no direct link for us to find out what kind of trees can do this. Thankfully they haven’t launched a tirade against the SNP scientists who missed this wonderful gift of nature. 🙂


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