Hospital-acquired covid infections NINE to TwELVE times higher in NHS England and Lisa Summers fails Maths

A gleeful Lisa Summers has leapt on these figures and, with her usual number skills, turned 189 into 200.

We don’t hear of the 8 817 community onset infections nor do we hear that the hospital cases amount to only 2% of the total.

We certainly don’t hear this from the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine:

Probable Hospital Acquired infections in England remain persistently high: currently, 17.6% of COVID-19 infections fit the NHS England definition of probable healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs). These rates have been as high as 25% in the North West and continue to climb in the North East and Yorkshire.


The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

4 thoughts on “Hospital-acquired covid infections NINE to TwELVE times higher in NHS England and Lisa Summers fails Maths

  1. It has been clear for some time that the excuse the London establishment are going to use to justify taking back control of Scotland from us Scots is that we have failed to manage our Education and Health in a manner like what they do in England.
    We have completely failed to live down to their expectations.

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    1. Absolutely and they are hoping to make Covid19 their go to excuse for saying ‘take back control from Scotland ‘cos it’s so sh*te’, then when they have ousted the SNP, low and behold, Holyrood will be reopened with a BritNat party installed, it’s called a coup. Of course it might not work out quite as they hope…


      1. arthetty
        I certainly hope they take us on in health
        And we shall gub them
        Let them make it political and here is why
        These are there UK.Gov figures
        All pro rata / million of population as 17.11.2020
        No of infections
        England 22159 / million
        Scotland 15368 / million
        I.E .44.1 % Higher in England

        England 835/ million
        Scotland 605 / million
        I.E. 38.3% Higher in England

        And as / Worldodmeters
        England for deaths
        5th worst in the world
        Scotland now 23 rd
        And all that is just your starter for 10

        Bring the debate on

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  2. This research, published in this blog (linked) differs very markedly in what it says about the prevalence of hospital acquired infection of covid when comparing this study of hospital acquired19. Compared with those who had hospital acquired covid19 infection in the UK ( and the prevalence of covid 19 hospital acquired infection in Scotland, the differences are marked.

    It looks as if the dates on which the research has been done might be a factor.


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