This really is a ‘scare story’

The infection rate is clearly higher in Glasgow and Lanarkshire than in other parts of Scotland and so, it seems, the demand for ICU beds is likely also to be higher.

Across the country the demand for ICU beds is relatively static and, critically, well below capacity.

At the end of October, demand was less than half of the baseline capacity for ICU beds and around one tenth of surge capacity:

Scotland's intensive care capacity. . Scotland's intensive care patients during the pandemic .

Since that graph was produced, on the 20th October, the number in ICU increased from 70 to a maximum of 111 on the 8th November and has since fallen to 92 yesterday.

The baseline capacity of 173 has not really been challenged and the surge capacity seems pretty safe.

If any one hospital in Scotland runs short of ICU beds can’t they just transfer cases to another hospital which is not? Haven’t they always just done that. Has that ever been ‘news?’

People who consume a lot of news from the MSM are know be more likely to be depressed and/or anxious.

What possible informative value, that any of us might use to live our lives better and with less fear, can this sort of reporting possibly do?

6 thoughts on “This really is a ‘scare story’

  1. It isn’t so long ago that the media in Scotland were complaining about the waste of public money spent on the Louisa Jordan hospital which,as far as I know,hasn’t had to be used so far.
    The pool of readers they rely on to consume their anti Scottish messages is diminishing and you would think that those who rely on Scottish subcriptions for their survival would wise up.
    Those that don’t,don’t have to of course.

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  2. When I read the headline, I thought “surely even if Glasgow and Lanarks. run out of ICU beds the rest of Scotland hasn’t”.

    I’ll add to that surely the people of Scotland are brighter than to think any different. I’m sure they would be in the normal way, but if you’ve got a sick loved one logic can sometimes fly out the window.

    In which case I’ll add surely it’s, at the very least, irresponsible to pile extra worry on people who’re already anxious and depressed. It’s also cruel and unnecessary. If there is a law against this already, perhaps there should be.

    I firmly believe that facts, however unpalatable, should be brought to light. I’m equally firm that there are ways to do it – and this sort of rubbish isn’t one of them.

    And it isn’t even a real fact – at best, it’s half of one.

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    1. As you commented on another article iusedtobeenglish, I don’t watch, listen, nor read their propaganda. It’s the same brainwashing technique they have been using since time immemorial. They know that they are losing, and are clutching at any snippet they think can turn the tide. Like Cunute, they are on a loser.


  3. There is a hospital built to use. Unfortunately in a pandemic some people do not obey the rules and guidelines and the death rate goes up. A silent killer. Even with the best precautions. Measures have to be be put in place to take it down again. That is being done,


  4. As Glasgow is the YES capital of Scotland
    Is it possible we have had certain people traveling over the border to contaminate Glaswegians



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