Dog Whistling with waste from the Myriad

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

That’s a picture which the Herald should have credited to AFP Getty images, of waste containers in Malaysia from an unattributed country of origin.

It’s not even plastic waste. The Herald report is just about the export of plastic waste.

It’s almost certainly not Scottish waste but none of that matters because, the Corporate Glasgow Herald doesn’t really care that much about pollution.

They’ve headlined the story because they know it’ll attract lots of eager wee creatures to feed on it, to attack Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and the Scottish Government and it’s clickbait for advertising revenue.

Within minutes they had one:

It’s got it all. One suggestion that Scotland is failing in something, preferably the headline story, and they’re off!

The Herald’s work is mostly done for it and the opposition parties, who may have fed the reporter in the first place, can now pick it up and run with it all day.

I had a wee twitter exchange with the Herald’s David Leask yesterday about the nature of reality. He was insisting that ‘reality is reality.’ Classic, really. See how this report, based on facts I know, plays a part in constructing reality for readers?

There are endless facts out there but the reality we come to accept as true is the consequence of the acceptance of only a handful from the myriad out there, and folk like the Herald, BBC and STV reporters have greater influence in forming it in our minds, by selecting from that myriad.

7 thoughts on “Dog Whistling with waste from the Myriad

  1. The implication of the Hearld’s article is that the exported waste is dumped in some unsuspecting (3rd world?) country. A recent documentary on Quest showed waste plastic from Aberdeen being exported to a special power station in Sweden to create electricity. Surely this should not be a cause of manufactured outrage.

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  2. The demonisation of Nicola Sturgeon goes on unabated. I wonder what the ‘better’ that Scotland ‘deserves’ would be? Who would supply the ‘better’? I am sure the BritNats would ‘better” they have made Scotland the UK’s toxic and potentially deadly, rubbish dumping ground, quite literally.
    These right wing rags are pandering to the uninformed, luckily not that many of them now. Let’s see how many copies of that waste of paper is left on the shop shelves later today, it’s usually piles of them and they all er, have to be recycled. What a waste.

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    1. ” Let’s see how many copies of that waste of paper is left on the shop shelves later today, it’s usually piles of them and they all er, have to be recycled.”

      Ooh! I’ll take some. Pleeeease.

      I’m always short of paper to line the rabbit’s cage and potty. AND they’d be recycled to the compost heap afterwards…

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  3. The article in today’s Sunday Herald destroyed itself within the first couple of paragraphs: ‘The revelation that nearly 15% of all our waste has to leave the country…’

    Therefore 85% of our waste is dealt with in Scotland – yes/no?
    Do they think we can’t do sums?

    Furthermore a lot of that exported waste is not being dumped on other countries but is being actively sourced and bought by other countries who use it to generate electricity. For example, Denmark. There is a power plant in Copenhagen which burns waste to generate electricity. Denmark does not produce enough waste to keep the plant going 24/7 therefore buys waste from other countries such as the UK.

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  4. Apparently Sweden imports huge quantities of waste from most European countries – just as mentioned by Legerwood Denmark does so too – that’s how other countries are reducing their land fill quotas, and I see no problem with us doing the same.

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