One clear sign of success

While new infections each day are stubbornly high around 1 000, with the rate falling too slowly for comfort, new admissions to hospital have been falling steadily since a peak on the 25th October, more than 2 weeks ago.

This and the flattening of the ICU and death rates suggests the strategy is working and that the vulnerable are being protected, as we see the arrival of widespread vaccination on the horizon.

It also makes clear that NHS Scotland will cope as it did in the first wave.

Meanwhile, ‘our’ media choose to ramp up the panic with a highly selective, melodramatic, headlined reading of a letter from Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer England:

The Herald’s headline story this morning.

The letter is signed by the Scottish and Welsh CMOs but, unlike Whitty, neither has bothered to tweet it. The message is for NHS England.

Here’s why:

The infection rate per 1 million, is nearly 70% higher in England than it is in Scotland.

8 thoughts on “One clear sign of success

  1. The Herod really wants Scotland to do badly don’t they. They cannot bear that the ScotGov have handled this pandemic much better than the EngGov, to say the least.
    So England’s % is that much higher per million than in Scotland, which confirms that the Tories have failed to protect the population. The Herod should be headlining that, but no, they want people to panic, not be informed of actual facts in Scotland. Gutter press, a very apt name for these rags posing as newspapers.

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    1. Has there not been a general ploy by the establishment for decades (WM, The Herald, The BBC et al.) to ensure Scotland does not/cannot capitalise on its resources & skills?

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  2. And as sure as night follows day
    The 70 % higher infection rate in England
    WILL slowly but surely translate into deaths
    And such cannot be hidden subdued for ever

    Oh Look The Emperor has no clothes on

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    1. Certainly the numbers of new infections in England especially in the north looked to have gone up massively when I checked travelling tabby yesterday. Dreadful. Scotland is vulnerable if people are allowed to travel without restriction right now, unless they think it’s a ‘UK wide’ lockdown, that could be a thing good come to think of it!


  3. I have seen a couple of sites that I follow, refer to Engand’s kockdown, as the ‘UK lockdown’, and the ‘Britain wide lockdown’. What information do the media following people in England have about the lockdown I wonder. Are they aware that it’s not ‘Britain wide’ or a ‘UK lockdown’?
    Perhaps most people in England do believe it’s a UK/Britain wide lockdown for the month, imposed by their London government. Would that make it easier to cope perhaps, who knows.


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