Another unqualified expert to fuel doubt in SNP Government’s abilities

The ‘leading’ or ‘top academic’ has been here before making exactly the same comments to the same Herald journalist, Hannah Rodger.

Today, he arrives, Pennington-like, to tell us it is not likely that ‘the country’ will be prepared for mass immunisation by December.

Like many academics based in Scotland, he struggles to see any differences with rUK and uses comments from the UK Health Secretary and the CMO England to get his argument going.

Prof Greening was here on May 10th, saying the same things.

I wrote then:

I see little sign that the prof has researched the Scottish context. He does seem to be part of the Heriot-Watt team: ‘launching a major new research project in India that will help to engineer an efficient and sustainable delivery mechanism to get an eventual COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people around the globe‘ and concerned about: ‘rapid mass immunisation will probably be required; maintaining a continuous cold chain to rapidly transport and deliver COVID-19 vaccines to all communities, many where electricity supply and cooling infrastructure is often non-existent or unreliable, will be a daunting task.’

Don’t we, in Scotland, have a reliable electricity supply and a cooling infrastructure, even in wee community hospitals and GP surgeries? Has prof Greening got Patna in Ayrshire mixed-up with the one in India?

There’s no mention of the UK, far less Scotland in any of the research projects published with Greening mentioned:

There’s no sign of anything published where his name and Scotland are connected. Some ‘leading expert.’

Unlike Pennington, I can find no political links for Greening. He’s not even Justine’s brother.

To be fair, Greening may have a point about the very low temperatures required for this vaccine but if he wanted to help, did he contact the Scottish Government? Maybe he’d rather try to score points?

One thought on “Another unqualified expert to fuel doubt in SNP Government’s abilities

  1. Yes we do have electricity and we do have fridges in GP surgeries and hospitals etc BUT they do not go down to minus 80 degrees centigrade which is the temperature the Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at throughout its journey from point of manufacture to the point where the syringe needle enters your arm. Freezers that go down to minus 80 degrees centigrade are big beasts that require specialist companies to move them. The SG has bought some but it may not be enough and it is likely that supply will not meet demand if the Pfizer vaccine is first to market.

    The professor made some very insightful and reasoned points all of which you have glossed oover/omitted/misrepresented in your piece. He was talking knowledgeably on matters which fall within his area of expertise and is by no stretch of the imagination a Pennington-like figure.


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