Lisa’s Mass Testing Misconception

Lisa Summers in May 2019 ignoring the facts to call NHS Tayside ‘dysfunctional.’ and scare cancer patients away

By Brenda Steele:

In this interview with the BBC, Professor Allyson Pollock spells it out.

Mass testing of the populace is a waste of money.

However this evidently has not percolated to the Scottish part of the BBC for the first question at the Scotgov Covid-19 press briefing from Lisa Summers was on this very subject.  at about 20m 37s in

Not only did she not understand that mass testing in England was a waste of money, but she added her own special Scottish take.  Apparently such tests “could make the difference to the level we find ourselves living in”. 

By that I assume she means which tier. Where does that assertion come from? Nothing I have seen justifies this claim – quite the contrary if you listen to Professor Pollock. 

When is the BBC going to give us reporters who know their subject well enough to ask sensible questions?

One of Lisa’s ‘best’:

5 thoughts on “Lisa’s Mass Testing Misconception

  1. Indeed, I’d heard others make the same point as Allyson Pollock, the test may detect that you’ve HAD the virus, but crucially not that you are INFECTED nor that you are INFECTIOUS, which are those you are seeking to identify, quarantine, and monitor.
    I question the notion Lisa Summers is dim rather than following orders, the hoax that is being perpetrated on England’s public with the media’s collusion is breathtaking, and potentially tragic.
    Was actually amazed Prof Pollock got as far as she did before being silenced, the producer must have been going nuts in the earpiece…


    1. Looking at new infection numbers yesterday in England, massive, especially in the north. Friends of mine in semi rural Northumberland are sceptical of their lockdown, but then, they watch the EBC and Read the Grauniad…so it’s not surprising.
      She will be ‘following orders’ and a bit dim, either way, playing her part in misleading the public.


  2. Some of the BBC need testing for sanity. Do they not see what is going on around them. Leading to their own demise. Going into oblivion.

    There is testing going on. Testing for those who need it. All family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are being tested. Testing centres are set up. Patients due to go into hospital get it. All precautions are being taken. People who need to are isolating and contacted. Otherwise there would have been more deaths,

    The BBC taking people for fools as usual. The BBC are the fools. £5Billion for that nonsense and propaganda. No wonder low rating mean many are getting their jotters. No one listens to it any more. Unless the FM is on giving out the rules and guidelines. That just be the best viewing figures and rating. People look for good guidance. The BBC wanted to close it down, How stupid was that. They could not because of protest.

    People do not want others to die in a pandemic. They follow the rules and guidelines. A year is not a long time in people’s experience. Most just get on with it. A vaccine hopefully coming soon.

    Westminster were totally unprepared. Even though they had been warned. They cut funding. They ignored advice and were concentrating on Brexit, That is why people died. Westminster total incompetence costing lives, The Scottish Gov is doing a good job by comparison.

    People appreciate the efforts the Scottish Gov is making. Despite the BBC misreporting. People are aware of it. Their reality and experience are different to what is being reported. A total load of BBC nonsense.


    1. Maybe we should also be testing every person in the country regularly for AIDS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Malaria and let’s not forget Smallpox. (I know, but you never know,,,) Ooh and a general test just in case there’s a creepy disease Out There that we don’t know about yet.

      Many nations were caught out in the beginning because they thought they *had* a plan. They did, For flu.

      The difference lies between the countries in that position which carried on regardless and those that though “Oh c**p! Wrong disease!” and have been doing something about it ever since.


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