No matter how tragic this is not THE news

STV News tonight featured a report on alleged increases in Do Not Resuscitate orders, based on one case. The evidence came from one relative with no comment from the health board to inform the viewer.

There appears to be no scientific evidence of any increase in the use of DNR orders during the pandemic and one Scottish Government spokesperson has been clear:

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about absolutely no change to the use of Do Not Attempt CPR forms in the Scottish NHS and no change to the advice issued to GPs about their use. We always expect medical professionals to act in the best interests of their patients and we have been clear that no one should ever feel pressured in any way whatsoever into giving their consent to a DNACPR form.

Lack of oversight on DNRs ‘unpalatable’ amid fears patients across country pressured into signing

Why did this family go the media with the story?

Was any opposition politician involved in grooming the family?

Does the giant flag in the garden suggest anything?

7 thoughts on “No matter how tragic this is not THE news

  1. Sadly, this kind of story based on a single instance and based on an unproven assertion has become very common in the media in Scotland these days. Two days ago we had the BBC Scotland story based on the ‘opinion’ of an unnamed single teacher who was also relying on hearsay evidence.

    Yes, the flag is of significance.

    I do not know the resident but I know exactly where that house is located, because I have passed it more than 100 times when cycling.

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  2. The butchers apron looks sad hanging there. What did the union ever do for Scotland? Oh that’s right, they gave you slums to live in, and stole £trillions from your country and plonked some WMD’s in your back yard, wonderful.
    Seeing the English HQ’d daily rags on the shelves today, anyone would think they were all anti SNP, oh wait, they actually are!
    Looking at the propaganda on the shop shelves you could be forgiven for believing that the ScotGov are the most evil, nasty, dangerous, heartless government ever to walk this planet! I think they made a wee mistake though, that would be the English government. English media are full on gas lighting Scotland, and it’s not going to ease off in the few months at all. No wonder they had the people of Scotland fooled for so long, before the internet took off, they could say anything and do anything to undermine Scotland’s people and keep them from having the self esteem needed to reject British Nationalism being shoved in their faces day in day out. The lies must have been incessant. It would be interesting to look at some of these lying rags’ headlines from say, 30 or 40 years back.

    Not for much longer though, their lies about Scotland’s wealth and demonising the party that can bring back independence for Scotland are
    just not going to cut it anymore. The BritNats should just ‘get used to it’.

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