Scotland’s Contact and Support teams smash SAGE target!

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman 'urgently seeking details on doctor-led  infections inquiry' - Glasgow Live
The Health Secretary

On the 1st May 2020, the UK Government’s advisory group outlined the targets for an effective test and trace system:

Note 80% contacted as soon as tested positive, within 48 hours if possible.

In week-ending 8th November, Public Health Scotland reported:

Even at the current high level of testing, 96.1% tested within 24 hours.

5 thoughts on “Scotland’s Contact and Support teams smash SAGE target!

  1. Ross, Lennon and Wuggie were all crowing about the information first reported in the Sun in Holyrood today. What a baleful crew – exulting over a failure of coding about the first 24 hours but failing to recognise that the WHO target of 72 hours has been surpassed hugely.

    Do they pray at night for more Scots to be infected and to die?

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    1. Sadly yes they probably do, political advantage has become so entwined with career, the moral compass was ditched over the side as excess baggage, while everyone else holds onto theirs they see ability to exploit… As one wag described it ages ago, “Who Blairs wins”..

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  2. Everyone who needs it are tested. All family, friends and work contacts. All tested and isolating if necessary. All contacts. Isolating. Test centres are set up. People tell others if they are positive. They isolate. Most are negative. The rules and guidelines are there for people to follow and keep safe. That is the reality of experience.

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  3. The servants of Unionism have stepped up the negative message.
    Anything they can find as a negative ( true or not!) will be amplified and twisted.
    The MSM will dutifully deliver the propaganda as directed.


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