Meiyou chufang, ranhou guanbi

How did this one-pub story make it to BBC Scotland? Does it reveal something wider?

Staff at The Riverside Bar were told to close by Dumfries and Galloway Council’s environmental health team on Friday. It does not have a kitchen but bartender Anna Houston said they believed, like other pubs in the town, that they were permitted to sell alcoholic drinks outside. “At 16:00 on Friday the council came and closed us, and that was it – they gave us a letter saying ‘if you don’t have a kitchen, you can’t be open’,” she said.

The bartender said:

The whole situation was still “quite surreal”, she added. “We don’t know if we’re coming or going. Learning these rules are like trying to learn Mandarin.”

Are the rules like Mandarin?

Not so hard anymore with Google?

Could you just phone the Environmental Health team? Yes. Want the number?

9 thoughts on “Meiyou chufang, ranhou guanbi

  1. Bar in the Borders has to close for a few weeks to save people’s lives. No one wants to kill their granddad to drink themselves to death. The pathetic BBC nonsense. Bars, restaurants make monies/profits from the food not the drink.


    1. Do you think it could be anything to do with the fact that Dumfries is close enough to the No-Border to be able to serve all those Poor Suffering English-types on the other side of it I mean, all that profit must be very tempting.

      Perhaps I’m being a little cynical here…

      I did feel sorry for the Waverley (think it was) whose comment was “We’ve had a food licence for years.” I can understand their confusion. But, of course, the headline wasn’t about her.


  2. Speaking in tongues now are we, ah the good ol EBC. I am sure learning a new language isn’t that difficult, but navigating our way through the maze of lies and satire from the EBC is very trying indeed!
    My son added Japanese to iPad keyboard. げったえふcけbc!


  3. Mundell/Jack territory so no surprise PQ would promote it, doubtless to feature as a question at FM Covid Updates from Border’s (Alister Jack Inc Broadcasting) “journalist”….


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