Sun misses the point as ‘Nic’s system’ contacts 100% of confirmed cases


The Sun’s Chris Musson is correct:

Corrected data shows that in five of eight weeks in September and October, Test and Protect staff failed to contact about half of positive cases within 24 hours of  being notified of swab results.

Musson doesn’t tell us that, based on that same spreadsheet, 100% were, in the end, contacted.

According to SAGE, at least 80% of contacts must be reached. In the week-ending 14th October, one of the weeks Musson was interested in, only 59.6% were contacted, at all, ever, by England’s outsourced and ‘world-beating’ test and trace system. In the week before the figure was 62.6%.

Musson claims:

It’s now been claimed that Scots facing tougher virus restrictions have been “let down” by the creaking system.

We don’t need to be told who are making the claims and we can see where the ‘creaking system’ really is.

Finally, where did the 24 hour target for contact after a positive test result is posted, come from?

I can find that John Swinney pledged that those who will be asked to self-isolate under the Scottish Government’s test and protect strategy will get their coronavirus results back within 24 hours if they develop symptoms.

That’s a different thing altogether and, of course, dependent the ‘creaking’ UK Lighthouse labs.

I can find no sign of a target for contacting cases.

6 thoughts on “Sun misses the point as ‘Nic’s system’ contacts 100% of confirmed cases

  1. As I prev.stated My Wife and I returned to Edinburgh Oct.30 th. @ 2300 hrs.From a 4 week spell in Spain
    Our self isolation ends this Friday
    And since our arrival
    1.We contacted Sunday 1st Nov
    2.Contacted again Tues 3rd
    3.Once more Thurs 5 th.and also asked if we need assistance with essentials such as food and medicine
    4.And again Mon.9th. Whereby they enquired if everything OK. I informed them that we resided in Sheltered Accom.and that the warden was excellent in helping us in isolation,at that point the nice polite and informative lady from track/trace
    Said Oh well then no need to worry about you
    And said not much longer to go and good luck
    5.The next day we rcvd.a text informing us as to when our Isolation ends
    Now will someone please tell me how not only this system is working excellently and all as it says on the tin and fit for purpose.
    But is a cataclysmic failure here in Scotland

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  2. Tweet about a Times report.

    “Rowland Manthorpe
    · Nov 1
    Incredible story in The Times, which I’m told is definitely true. For most of its existence, the contact tracing app for England and Wales has been using the wrong risk threshold, so it’s hardly been sending out any alerts telling people to self-isolate

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  3. All family members, work contacts who needed tests had them and were given results. Those needed to isolate – isolating. It seems to be ‘journalists’ who have absolutely no idea about testing or contact. Out of the loop as usual. Or just making stuff up. Lie, after lie. No wonder no one reads it. Or just laughs at the nonsense.

    The reality of peoples lives. Testing centre opened. Everyone needing a test getting it. Results pronto. Contacts isolating. That is the experience of people’s lives. Everyone requiring testing getting it. People isolating. Gov rules and guidelines being followed.

    The MSM out of the loop as usual.

    A Panorama programme revealed the chaos in the South. A complete and utter shambles.


  4. Musson’s “holding government to account” articles with excruciating straplines at least follows the Sun tradition of ripping up anything which does not fit the traditional Murdoch perspective, that kitsch version of England he and others created over decades and some unfortunates swallowed whole. This is the audience Musson is addressing, and one which Brexit and the Tories have milked to death ever since, but they have to keep feeding it lest the spell breaks…..
    Unlike the real Scottish sun which brightens up the dreich, Musson’s output is a continuous grey negativity, his challenge for the annual ‘most obnoxious miserable journalist’ contest is currently tied between ITV and the Sun after FM Updates, their aggression and negativity would stress the patience of a saint out of reach of a handy 4 by 2 (Sorry Tom G you lost out yet again but good effort).
    What Scotland’s T&T has achieved in such a short time is nothing short of remarkable, exemplary by that suffered across the border, but like all matters attached to Scotland, Indy or SNP, the media can’t praise when pulling the wings off butterflies suits their perceived demographic.

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