Scottish Labour MPs now equal Polar Bear numbers!

Well it was nice while it lasted. For more than 2 years we had more Polar Bears than Scottish Labour had MPs. Now the unbearable Ian Murray carries the same weight in Scottish society as Victoria, now our only Polar Bear.

The Pandas have been a big disappointment letting the unbearable Scottish Tory MP’s outbreed them.

However, I feel sure we must have more genuine wildcats than Tory MPs.

There is another endangered species confined to the Northern Isles and parts of Wild Fife. I forget the name now. Is it the Lesser Libdummer?

7 thoughts on “Scottish Labour MPs now equal Polar Bear numbers!

  1. Mr Murray is conspicuous by his absence from any debate, policy, stratagem relating to Scotland.
    Shadow Minister for vacuous-ness and semi-Torydom?

    I suspect his biggest ambition is to get an Ermine scarf to go with his Union Jock suit, and sit next to his chums, Ruthie and Lord Baron Hee-Haw Ffoulksakia.


  2. In ecological and environmental terms
    The No side are failing to adapt to the rapid changes now taking place
    And a universal truth is That those species who cannot or WILL not evolve in order to adapt and survive
    Become at the very least so diminished in numbers from which leads to slow extinction
    Or more likely in this instance rapidly become
    Extinct as they currently exist merely as a sub species ( branch office ) of what they conceive
    As a lesser one of the larger dominant Westminster one
    If they do not wake up to such very soon
    Then their future as a branch species WILL surely kill them off and wipe them from the
    Scottish political face of the earth
    All this is a absolute certainty, but for them
    It is they that must recognise such
    Tis their fate not ours


  3. Why couldn’t they have sent Reginald Lumpfarter back instead and put Hamish in charge of the Scottish Branch Office, few doubt Labour is the more endangered species, even before NeverHurrayAMurray hoves into view and begins pontificating..
    Surely Hamish would liven things up at FM Questions, Turdo getting savaged by Labour could take on an entirely new meaning, increase audiences, and boost local laundry business, this is just so wrong…. 😉


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