It’s not what she said but why she said it that matters to readers

What the First Minister said is not the news the people need to hear. It’s why she said it.

There’s a real danger that if you, over and over, personalise issues in headlines, some folk will think it OK to disobey because they come to see the policy a just a personal preference of a politician.

Remember the claim?

Now some may argue that they trust readers to read on to see what the evidence for the warnings actually is.

Two things.

One, we know that many only skim the headlines. It may be as many as 80% only reading headlines:

Two, in this case there was no article at all.

So a headline like that with no discussion on infection rates, sources of infection or evidence of compliance rates? Not just low quality. Useless.

2 thoughts on “It’s not what she said but why she said it that matters to readers”

  1. The BBC have been at this subterfuge for some time. They play a clip of the FM making a statement such as the number of new infections, hospital admissions, last night at 5pm it was the number of deaths at 50. No other information, just the number of deaths. Followed by DRoss imploring people to stick to the guidelines and why they should do so.

    I don’t remember the last time I heard The FM, getting to explain the reasoning behind new Covid restrictions on BBC radio Scotland during their GMS snd Drivetime (5- 6pm)

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  2. Good news from survation.
    Another VG poll—-54 to 45% for Indy.

    The Brit Nits have also had one of their wishes fulfilled with an increase in Labours vote—but at the expense of the Tories. SNP also up.

    Ha ha Brit Nits—-be careful what you wish for!


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