Herald misses good news on Construction in Scotland

According to the Herald today:

The UK construction sector lost momentum in October but suffered less than most of the coronavirus-hit economy thanks to a buoyant housing market. This morning’s Purchasing Manager’s Index for the construction sector, produced monthly by IHS Markit and CIPS, showed a drop to 53.1 in October from September’s 56.8. The decline was bigger than the drop to 55.0 which economists had forecast, and is the lowest since May.

The reporter seemed to have missed these two more positive stories

From the Construction Index on 1st November:

The findings of the new Workload Trends Survey conducted by CECA Scotland were in sharp contrast to the rest of Great Britain, where activity has continued to fall in the post lockdown period. Workloads rose in Q3, according to 39% of Scottish firms, on balance, following a decline (-35%) in Q2.

More at:


And in Project Scotland in June:

THE Scottish construction industry is to receive £78 million as part of the Scottish Government’s £230 million Return to Work package, with the aim of stimulating the economy. This includes £40 million for regeneration projects and £20 million for roads maintenance. The Scottish Government revealed the package is funded by the ‘reallocation of underspends’ from schemes interrupted by the Covid-19 crisis. Finance secretary Kate Forbes said, “The impact of Covid-19 has been enormous on both businesses and individuals and the Scottish Government has so far spent more than £4 billion tackling its effects. We are also taking steps to accelerate our economic recovery and this package ensures that we can make immediate use of money which, because of the pandemic, might otherwise not have been spent this year.


4 thoughts on “Herald misses good news on Construction in Scotland”

    1. Statistics as lies, or lies as statistics.
      It’s a Brit Nat virtuous circle, or a daisy chain by fools for dafties!

      My spell checker changed daisy for Daisley. How apt!

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      1. You are spot on Clydebuilt.
        Daisley, Massie et al are the running dogs of Union agitprop.
        How will they earn a crust, when we are independent?

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