Civil engineering projects up only in Scotland

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From the Construction Index yesterday:

The findings of the new Workload Trends Survey conducted by CECA Scotland were in sharp contrast to the rest of Great Britain, where activity has continued to fall in the post lockdown period. Workloads rose in Q3, according to 39% of Scottish firms, on balance, following a decline (-35%) in Q2.

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No explanation is offered. Perhaps a reader in this area knows?

12 thoughts on “Civil engineering projects up only in Scotland”

  1. Having been in construction for over 40 yrs
    I can safely assume
    1.quite a few reasonable sized public projects
    Back on stream e.g.Edinburgh tram extension
    Along with water & sewerage works
    Also social housing
    2.Re start of construction was slower in Scotland as far more care taken to ensure virus safety as much as poss
    Whereas England was a Bull going into the china shop
    3.Given 2 above Scottish snr.and site managers would have been more able to plan and organise far better all ensuring that the start up did not go off like a damp squib
    4. The virus has enabled the industry to look at progam and trade interactions in a manner and certain stages that can be deployed more

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    1. In my own neck of the woods, there has been a new bridge across the canal and a new park on the other side under construction, along the Kelvin there are significant water quality improvement works, along Garscube Road new cycling infrastructure is going in and we have a small housing development. Work wil lstart this month on a large bridge at the canal junction.

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      1. Take a wee look at what China has and continues to do since they got the virus firmly under control
        Everything has been completely re modelled for the new future
        We in the West are going to be left standing
        Last week they completed the largest military exercise ever conducted in history
        And wait for it
        Be cause it was 5 no.exercises all conducted in separate regions
        They know USA finished and planning that the US will fight as it slides into decay
        So they are putting out a message
        Do Not even Think About It


      2. Aye, Alasdair, I’m in the same neck of the woods, I also noted the huge amount of roadworks being carried out around Glasow, particularly during lockdown (I can only assume the light traffic there was for a while there was taken advantage of). What is that huge ugly square tower block building that’s going to wreck the skyline as seen from vantage points along the canal? That’s fair coming along too.


  2. Over the past decade – during the period of Westminster imposed austerity – the SG and/or Scottish Local Authorities have played a big and ‘sensible’ contribution in refreshing the ‘learning’ and ‘health’ estate, which has also supported employment in construction.

    New build schools, colleges, NHS facilities are a common feature across the country.

    For example:
    Headline figures for the school estate in Scotland::
    81 schools built or substantially refurbished in 2018-19.
    928 schools built or substantially refurbished since 2007-08.


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  3. If you want a real construction boom
    Reduce the hideous tarrif on renewable tidal
    Energy and light the blue touch paper
    Scotland by far is the world leader in this area
    And Independence is vital if we are to fully benefit
    As Westminster will NEVER do so and all because they know we will not allow them to repeat what happened to the oil

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    1. Makes me wonder what £20 billion investment over ten years might do for the development of the clean, waste-free, predictable renewable energy source that is tidal?

      Why £20 billion? We have just had the recent announcement of plans for a new nuclear power plant at Sizewell, Suffolk. According to a BBC report:

      “ .. the costs of financing a project that may cost up to £20bn and take about 10 years to build.”

      (Note: £20 billion just to build: what will the whole life costs, including eventual decommissioning of the Sizewell plant and long term toxic waste storage costs end up being? I thought Tories were against landing future generations with the costs of today’s decisions.)


      1. The main reason they NEED to build nuclear
        Is not to meet carbon targets
        The amount of carbon spewed out building them are huge and not put into the carbon reduction equation,which cleverly skews their the direction they want you to believe
        And if you compare the construction carbon
        Of nuclear to renewable, then factor in shelf life and maintenance then matters become far worse for nuclear

        The main reason for nuclear power is the production of weapon grade material
        Go and study the Trident Missile agreement
        UK has with the US
        It clearly states that the UK leases the missiles from them and more importantly
        A condition of said lease is that the UK must
        Provide their own warheads and submarines
        And as weapon grade nuclear material degrades
        And in order to ensure your warheads do what it says on the tin,then you have to on a regular basis replace the weapon grade nuclear material in the warheads
        And that is exactly why the UK must keep on ensuring it has the ability to produce weapon grade material of its own
        It is internationally illegal to supply another Nation with such material
        Do Not Be Fooled by their double speak


  4. Also no doubt essential repairs, the rest and be thankful road is having to be repaired and new long term plans for what to do are being drawn up.
    Here is an article from a science blog I follow about landslides. I hadn’t seen the comments, but it’s the usual ‘why can’t the Scot Gov build a tunnel’ and ‘common sense slid away as well re ScotGov’, it’s amazing the total ignorance about the fact that 300+ years of Britnat English rule has left Scotland with less than adequate infrastructure and mostly all deliberate!


  5. And what a ‘saga’ it is, all the SNP’s fault! How dare they neglect Scotland’s main arterial routes anf leave them in such bad shape, oh, wait, what’s that? The English HQ’d parties were in power for decades you say? Ah, how interesting. The unionists didn’t even build decent roads in Aberdeen the ‘oil capital of the Europe’, why ever would you want people thinking Scotland was anything but too stupid and far, far too poor!

    The Tory councillor gets the last word here…of course.


  6. A lockdown brings a slow down. Projects not being completed in the expected time. A surge when projects restart. Tradespeople are busy. Inundated with work. A build up of delay. Then a backlog of work needs completed. Bookings etc increase because of the back log.


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