Larger than usual Lib Dem conference backs SNP policy on Schools

This year’s virtual Lib Dem conference had a big increase in ‘attendance‘ up from virtually a handful last year.

Using this year’s new counting algorithm from Cambuslang Analytics, a figure of 28 was achieved by counting any device just left on and estimating 3 family members for each, who may have caught a few seconds of Rennie, in passing.

A survey by YouGub for The Tusker found that the most common question asked by those family members was ‘Who?

The researchers also found that when participants were asked which party leader said ‘Put education at heart of Covid recovery‘, 99% thought it was Nicola Sturgeon because as one put it:

‘She’s always going on about keeping schools open even if some of us don’t really want to go back.’

The Tusker recommends YouGub for all your survey needs.

4 thoughts on “Larger than usual Lib Dem conference backs SNP policy on Schools”

  1. “a figure of 28”? Surely an undercount.
    Whit aboot the dugs and the weans? And the past ghosts (Smith/Thorpe et al).
    An’ the goldfish? Dont forget Goldie!

    The goldfish looks a bit (a BIG bit) like Wee Wullie, with the sound turned off–which it always is when he speaks!!

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  2. I have a wheeze of of a idea for the Liberals
    They should procure a good few truffle hunting pigs
    And retrain them to sniff out that very rare and dying breed of Liberals
    And all before it is too late and this species of political truffle goes extinct

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  3. The LibDem who broke promises on student fees. ConDems cut Education funding £6Billion a year from 1915 to 2020. £30Billion. The SNP Scottish Gov had to mitigate these cuts and support students. More students get student loans. Labour means tested it on household income. Students could not go to university because of lack of support.

    LibDem ConDems supported the Tories on Brexit Ref. They caused all the problems.

    Clegg now making £Millions Representing illegal tax evaders Zuckerberg and co. in Europe. Create an illegal monopoly. Charge what they like and illegally pay no tax, worldwide.

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  4. There is just no point to the LibDems at all. However, they do cost a lot, and it’s a terrible waste of public money. It’s perplexing how they even manage to be given air time and a right wing rags platform. Why do they exist, a minor, irrelevant party and were always yellow Tories anyway.
    Is Rennie really standing in front of two hoardings, how embarassing, he looks like a cardbaord cut out anyway.
    I hope the SNP don’t do the pretendy hoardings as if they are really in a crowd at their conference, a couple of banners behind them will do and we all know what they (the banners) should say.


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