‘Low’ in Winchester but ‘high’ in Wishaw?

Early this morning, BBC 1 were out in Winchester, 135 cases per 100 000, to ask:

What’s the reaction [to the full lockdown] been in towns where infection rates have been relatively low?

The reaction was mixed, from a sense of injustice to a weary acceptance. The readers of the Daily Mail there are unlikely to be encouraged to be compliant:

Daily Mail Front Page 2nd of November 2020 - Tomorrow's Papers Today!
‘Lockdowns don’t work1’

North Lanarkshire had 144 cases in the last 24 hours and with a population of 340 000, that’s 34 per 100 000. Only a few days ago, we heard that Lanarkshire just missed going into Level 4.

I’m not complaining, just observing.

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7 thoughts on “‘Low’ in Winchester but ‘high’ in Wishaw?

  1. Tory support dropping even more. The mess and shambles. Once again acting too late to contain the virus. A month too late. The same as in the first instance. Johnston ditherer and the motley crew killing people. Not funding the NHS properly. The Tories cutting funding. Cutting taxes for the wealthiest and not funding essential services, properly. Leading to more deaths. Austerity weakening people. They have had to increase universal credit £20 a week, until April. After cutting it £100 a month. Leaving vulnerable people at risk. People dying, prematurely.

    Scottish Gov mitigated the cuts. Increased funding on the SNHS. Imposed stricter lockdown rules when necessary. Without fear or favour. Just concern for the population. Implemented rules and guidelines to follow. Testing centres set up. People being tested and contacts isolating. More successfully. The flu jab rolled out. Until a vaccine can be found. To save more lives.

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  2. The Daily Mail tax evader owner should be held accountable for the nonsense printed. Instead encouraged to mislead people. Misinformation on every page. The Leveson recommendations not implemented. Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. Westminster Press Office controls the Press. ‘D’ notices and the Official Secrets Act.

    Information can be beamed in from elsewhere for balance. Information shared. A counter balance. Governments reneging on responsibilities caught out by public opinion. Murdoch, the criminal, away with £30Billion alienated from his Scottish family. They have made a stand.

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  3. Re.Daily Mail (Nazi Gazette ) headline
    A Nightmare Without End
    Correct for England
    But as for Scotland it ends with INDEPENDENCE
    A female busker in Liverpool sums it all up
    With these lyrics
    The tories thought they knew it all
    Then along comes Boris and F***ks it all

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  4. People won’t follow the rules in England, there will be protests on the streets, just watch. Perfect for the EngGov, a huge distraction from Brexit. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are a trapped in a dystopian nightmare, with utterly incompetent imbeciles in the EngGov who are more like the mafia each day. Scotland, we gotta get out of the so called union and fast.

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    1. Oh yes soon riots on English streets
      In Spain at the weekend there were riots in 6 cities
      No doubt ABC and all MSM instructed NOT
      to report and for obvious reasons
      They know full well they have a pile of dry tinder awaiting the spark that ignites it
      And if serious and spreads all over England
      Due to defence personnel and police reductions by austerity
      That there is insufficient resources to guarantee they can keep a lid on it
      What thou soweth
      Thou shall reap


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