Scotland has been Science driven but must still share England’s pain


Yet another young epidemiologist and a woman, who clearly knows far more than that Prof Poisonpennington much preferred by BBC Scotland, got stuck right into the UK Government for its failure to act soon enough and making this full lockdown for England necessary, to ‘prevent thousands of deaths.’

At every opportunity, after each question, she reminded the viewers again that this need not have happened, so severely, if action had been taken in September.

But, when the interviewer reminded Dr Gurdasani of the other nations having ‘different rules going on’ her reaction was sadly ‘Imperialist‘:

I think it’s very confusing.

The UK is one country

A lot of the policy in Scotland has been quite science-driven….BUT…..England really needs to catch up with that.….BUT….we need consistent policy across the UK.

So, England will catch up by Scotland reversing?

9 thoughts on “Scotland has been Science driven but must still share England’s pain

  1. What does it mean not to have independence?

    Douglas Fraser
    Scots finance secretary
    : ““Despite discussions today, @hmtreasury continue to deny our request that full furlough at 80% be available in Scotland at any point we need it, suggesting that it’s only available for duration of a lockdown in England”…

    That is what following England’s approach means. We cannot use lockdown when we want and need to do it.

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  2. £Billions have been taken out of Scotland. The illegal Barnett Formula and before. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher. Lie, after lie, after lie. Vote them out.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Westminster sycophants draining Scotland dry. Total Westminster mismanagement. Scotland paying for it. How much longer for a vaccine?

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    1. Gordon, it’s £trillions, not billions. Scotland’s oil over what, 40+ years, (they started prospecting for it in the 1950s!) the oil capital of Europe, has been and still is what’s propping up the economy or as that brlliant US economist said a couple of years ago, ‘little England would be bankrupt with Scotland’s oil!’
      England, the south mainly, has been quids in, off the back of Scotland, to the tune of £trillions. God knows how the EngGovernments have created so much ‘debt’ they must have spaffed the oil money up the wall.
      I have a book, ‘Black and Green gold’ by the Balmoral Group, it’s signed too(!) found in a charity shop. It was published I think in 2010, must check that, and it’s full of oil people working in the industry views and accounts of Scotland’s oil industry. What stands out is that the EngGov under Cameron, started to run down the industry as soon as the independence referendum was agreed. They taxed it to the hilt, putting smaller companies out of business, and decommissioned (viable platforms) and made it appear the oil was all but finished, caput, gone. Some in the book explain their dismay at this. The big companies could easily survive the taxation etc, all in it together eh.
      We watch a great vlog about people who explore empty buildings. Some of them, from the Netherlands, explored an ‘abandoned’ oil platform in Scotland, not that long ago in fact, it was though, obviously ready to go, good to go as they say, when required, in other words, still very very viable, equipment all intact etc.
      Scotland, you have been so scammed it’s bloody tragic.
      Sorry long comment. If anyone wants details about the book it might still
      be available to buy on amazon or somewhere.

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      1. You only have to see the reply Alex Salmond got from the Treasury in 1997 when it was admitted that Scotland had contributed £27bn more than it had received since the Tories came to power in 1979 A.H. And going from memory, I believe it was about 1921 that the U.K Government stopped publishing separate accounts for Scotland. Even during the years of the First World War, we contributed more than we received.


  3. Getting with the programme as they say, re this article, it really sounds like this woman has no idea
    about Scotland or the UK in terms of politics, or history, or devolution, or anything. Did they give her a script? She indicates that Scotland has implemented ‘quite science driven’ policy with much success, but that the ‘UK is one country’ (oh dear) so we should all be put at risk because the EngGov have implemented a totally immoral herd immunity policy with tragic consequences.
    There’s nothing quite like ignorance to steer a political agenda it seems.

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  4. “All one country“
    “Should have started lockdown sooner”

    Early sign that England realise that in Boris Johnston they have a dud
    A prime minister that isn’t doing a good enough job
    But that won’t affect their belief that Scotland belongs to them
    They will just write it off as bad luck a mistake
    and up will step the next buffoon to tell Scotland to do what it’s told by England
    Whether it’s
    David Cameron “EVEL”
    Theresa May “ NOW IS NOT THE TIME – smirk “
    Boris Johnston “ No you can’t have another referendum “
    The next one will do the same
    It’s inbuilt
    That is England’s folly
    They think England superior ,not little England the true England
    The whole island
    OH..and Ireland
    England really does think this whole island is england they tell the world it is just look at publications overseas where everything is referred to as British at the same time they refer to it as England
    They see this whole island Britain as being England


  5. Cameron and Osbourne kept Oil tax high when prices were falling. 2010. 120,000 jobs were lost in Scotland. The total number of unemployed. £10Billion in tax revenues. 70% Half the revenues + Corp tax 30%. Increase 11% (£2Billion). To £12Billion tax revenues. World prices fell. 50%. Still taxed at 75%. Projects were cut. Renewables are cheaper to produce.

    Scotland still had low unemployment. £Billions were still lost. Renewables are increasing making up any loss. Scottish tax revenues increased from £63Billion to £66Billion. £3Billion+ increase from renewables.Fracked gas in imported from US into Grangemouth. Scotland is in surplus in fuel and energy. Food and drink etc.


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