Is the furlough money enough to justify another lockdown in Scotland

It couldn’t be more clear. The Glasgow and surrounding counties restrictions on movement and hospitality, begun 6 weeks ago, even with the campus surges (what happened to those?), are working.

In just over a week the infection rate per 1 million has fallen from 265 to 217 and it’s clearly still falling unlike that in England.

The increase in the level of infection in the other three nations is between 60% and nearly 100% higher.

Surely this is the moment to show what we can do, to reject association with a Tory crisis and thus further the cause of independence?

I understand the bind. Businesses and the media will blame the SNP for their economic ruin if we don’t qualify for the furlough money but the voters will flock to the SNP if Westminster tries to punish us for succeeding.

6 thoughts on “Is the furlough money enough to justify another lockdown in Scotland

  1. We get the furlough money only when England is in crisis, not when we need it. Will the furlough money stop should Scotland successfully drive down the virus?

    England is likely to remain subject to the virus with some politicians willing to take chances with the lives of other people and the absence of effective testing, tracing and isolating systems.

    I see Jeremy Farrar is complaining that Marr edited out his remarks about the need to have good local T/T/I in place.

    As usual with The Filthistan Broadcasting Cow it is what is left out that is important.


  2. Unfortunately I think there is very little choice – the furlough scheme should never have been stopped until the ‘crisis’ was over, and we are wholly dependent on their handouts. Well, that’s the broad shoulders of England for you, no choice, and no way out. B*stards.


      1. I won’t get a chance to listen in unfortunately – if you are able to, do give us a report!

        No, sorry, totally forgot about your political system piece! – I meant to go back to it, then forgot, I’ll get it back up on a separate tab so I remember this time. I’m so behind with my reading, and the harassment committee stuff is so convoluted, so much of it, it’s taking up most of my spare time. Thanks for the reminder!


  3. “126,065 people tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) at least once1 in England between 15 October and 21 October. Positive cases have been rising steeply since the end of August and in the latest week there has been an increase of 23% compared to the previous week. 8.3% of people tested had a positive result; this rate has been increasing since the end of August, when the positivity rate was 0.9%…

    …Turnaround times for pillar 2 (swab testing for the wide population) for all in-person testing routes2 have improved compared to the previous week but continue to be longer than they were at the end of June. In the most recent week, 46.5% of inperson test results were received the next day after the test was taken. Turnaround times for satellite/home tests have improved since the previous week, with 32.0% of results received within 48 hours…

    …120,442 people were transferred to the contact tracing system between 15 October and 21 October, a 25% increase compared to the previous week. The number of people transferred has been increasing steeply over the past 7 weeks with over 13 times as many people being transferred in the most recent week compared to the end of August

    Of those transferred to the contact tracing system between 15 October and 21 October, 80.5% were reached and asked to provide information about their contacts. This has remained similar over the past three weeks but has declined compared to the start of September.
    • 284,701 people were identified as coming into close contact with someone who hadtested positive between 15 October and 21 October. This is an increase of 12% compared with the previous week, continuing the sharp upward trend since the end of August. For those where communication details were available, 74.3% were reached and asked to self-isolate. Taking into account all contacts identified, 60.3% were reached. ”

    Click to access Test_and_Trace_Week21.pdf


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