Former Jack McConnell aide goes too far in attack on Nicola Sturgeon

Susan Dalgety | The Scotsman Journalist | Muck Rack

Nicola Sturgeon’s approval rating among young women is higher than among young men but is lowest among older women, lower than among older men. I can’t find the poll telling this, but I have seen it.

The vitriolic hatred of some women for other women seems to surpass that of men for other men (source below).

What is certain is than one woman, Susan Dalgety of the Scotsman, will attack the First Minister in a more visceral way than any male writer I can remember.

Former Adviser to Jack McConnell and Labour Councillor, Susan Dalgety. is one the Scotsman’s attack dogs, such as Brian Wilson (Labour Minister under Blair) John McDonnell (Tory Councillor) and Brian Monteith (UKIP MEP) who hide their other selves.

In the above piece, she dissects the body of cancer victim, Tracey Emin, to help the reader feel the full horror of the most extreme case before applying that image, heartlessly, to all other cancer cases, then shockingly, blame the First Minister for the deaths of thousands still to come because of the treatment delays due to her Covid strategy. There are of course no statistics supporting that bloody accusation.

Then, perhaps revealing the ability to compartmentalise of the sociopathic mind, Dalgety writes:

My daughter-in-law, a mobile hairdresser, has just been told by the First Minister to stop working, with no apparent safety net to compensate for her loss of income. Her experience is replicated across the hospitality sector with people and businesses thrown on the scrapheap without, it seems, a scintilla of sympathy. 

Does the mobile hairdresser have receipts and a tax return? If so, I feel sure compensation is available. Did she pay any tax?

And, sympathy? Has Dalgety seen none of the briefings?

Dalgety goes too far. Is there no editor at the once great Scotsman, one of the few UK newspapers to speak against British Imperialist aggression in the 1956 Suez Campaign?

Association for Psychological Science (2011, March 5). Mean girls and queen bees: Females threatened by social exclusion will reject others first. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 17, 2013

Susan Dalgety | The Scotsman Journalist | Muck Rack

3 thoughts on “Former Jack McConnell aide goes too far in attack on Nicola Sturgeon”

  1. It’s a fact, women can be viciously competitive, (or whatever it is they feel towards other women, I just can’t work that one out) and often spread hate about women they don’t like or fall out with, which is incredibly damaging to the victim, I know from experience.
    Dalgety is a disgrace to attempt to blame Nicola Sturgeon for cancer cases, which haven’t actually happened yet. No one really knows what the effects of the pandemic will be on peoples’ general health outcomes, and as with other areas of life, things just could not go on as normal in healthcare. It may mean undiagnosed cancers which are more advanced, but that is not the FM’s fault. Getting a balance by making crucial decisions to save lives, is something that Dalgety seems not to understand.
    Doesn’t Emin live in England? Why is she featured in Dalgety’s article about Scotland?
    Dalgety obviously displays a real hatred towards Nicola Sturgeon, she should take a look at herself.
    The fact that she gets to publish her unwarranted and irrational views and opinions as somehow legitimate is what’s despicable.

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  2. Again I can only speak from personal experience. My regular check-up for my cancer was slightly delayed, but is now back on track. Further a close relative has symptoms which may, or hopefully may not, be serious, and within a few days, he was in the system, undergoing a number of examinations and tests. Now awaiting the results, but the speed in which the S.N.H.S responded was amazing.

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