All the Unionist Attacks come to nothing as YEs scores 12 in a Row!

David Cameron brands Michael Gove a 'lunatic' | News | The Sunday Times
TOLGA AKMENTO/AFP/GETTY: We’ll need more attack dogs!

History made again as Yes vote soars to 56% – the highest ever in an online poll

Today brings word of something of an oddity – the first ever poll on independence conducted by a firm called JL Partners, which doesn’t seem to be affiliated to the British Polling Council (or not yet, at any rate).  However, the pedigree of the people running it appears to be beyond question.  How and why the poll was commissioned is unclear, because the fieldwork took place well over a month ago, meaning it is less recent than the Savanta ComRes poll that put Yes on 53%, or the legendary Ipsos-Mori telephone poll that had Yes on an all-time high of 58%. For some reason the results have been held back until publication today in Politico, who don’t appear to have been the clients.  

Should Scotland be an independent country?  (JL Partners, 17th-21st September 2020)Yes 56%No 44%

More at:

Macwhirter and all the other prophets of doom for the Yes movement must be giving up soon, surely?

The previous 11 in a row:

6 thoughts on “All the Unionist Attacks come to nothing as YEs scores 12 in a Row!”

  1. Every time people see a photo of Gove Yes support increases.

    Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities.

    The Brexit mess and shambles. Westminster pandemic mismanagement. Kicking the can down the road until they are voted out. Wasting £Billions of public monies. The Tory sycophants. Waiting to be voted out so someone else can clear up their mess. .


  2. As Bob Dylan would put it
    The Times They are a changing
    And the answer for the Union is blowing in the wind
    But not for Yes the answer is just around the corner
    For them Disarray throughout the ranks
    Soon will be the day and the hour HOLD
    Tis they that shall turn and flee


  3. Wonder how the Herod, Hootsmon and BBC Hoot’n’nannie reported this?

    The “hot line” between them and Downing Street/MI5 would have been busy last night!


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