Classic in-the-Bubble commentator’s wishful thinking

Tom Gordon knows a lot of wee details about the Salmond vs Sturgeon ‘War’ but he doesn’t know how unimportant it is for the Independence movement.

In a long piece, free-to-read, he covers everything you could think of. Fascinating? To others in the Holyrood Bubble, I suppose. Unable to find an anorak, I couldn’t bear to read it all and jumped to the end where I found:

Two of Scotland’s political giants appear intent on slugging it out until they reach a demented, bloody draw. Only the Unionists will be smiling.

They do need something to smile about but with 12 polls favouring the Yes side, a massive margin in the last few and the SNP at 50% or more in as many, they’ll need more than this.

2 thoughts on “Classic in-the-Bubble commentator’s wishful thinking”

  1. The general public know that when you fall out with a friend, its much more PERSONAL than falling out with an enemy.
    People (not “journalists”) know to differentiate between personal animosity and something more serious.
    The feud appears not to have harmed the independence movement, to the utter dismay of “Scottish” pundits.
    How they would crow if the opposite were the case, but their “narrative” is now largely discounted by a public who KNOW they have been lied to and misled by these people for decades.

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  2. He has bought from a ticket tout
    The wrong one for the wrong show
    In the wrong place and the wrong time
    From what the purveor of such ticket
    Told him what it was all about


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