Lib Dem MSP shows what they’re capable of – SFA?

Scotland internationals pay surprise visit to McDonald's Fun Football  session at the Oriam | The Edinburgh Reporter
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In the Scottish Parliament last Friday,

Alex Cole-Hamilton asked the Scottish Government for what reason extra-curricular sports at schools, such as football, were unable to resume.

The Minister, John Swinney without referring to notes, replied:

It is not the case that extra-curricular sports at schools, such
as football, are unable to resume.

MSPs have paid researchers who help them draft questions like the above.

Earlier examples of useful questions by Lib Dems:

4 thoughts on “Lib Dem MSP shows what they’re capable of – SFA?”

  1. The Sunday Times (behind a pay wall) reports Micky Gove ( of “Peterburgh and Fraserhead” fame) is recruiting a “dirty tricks” campaign group to fight Scottish self government and keep us in our colonial situation for ever.

    I’m sure when he gets to the very dregs of Unionist hucksters, he will find among the dross of polite society, a Lib Dumb or two who would be happy to help out—for the “usual consideration” of course.

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  2. Apparently sec of state (what a state it is!) for England in Scotland…Jack says there ‘is a CASE for the yoonion’…don’t all laugh at once eh!
    Thy hav a ‘case’ tho, a suit case full of lies, been dragged round for 300+ yrs, kicked and battered, it’s old tattered, worn and torn.
    Scotland has a brand NEW CASE it’s full of resources, good government, amazing people, it is modern, 21stC & is raring to go…! Oh and it has a big sticker on it, THE CASE FOR INDEPENDENCE.

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  3. The case for the Union—“Public School boys get a whole country to play with”—war games, huntin’ shootin’, tax dodges, “a castle for the price of a Rolls, dont yer know”.


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