Labour MSP shows what they’re capable of

Edinburgh, UK. 5 March 2020. Pictured: Jackie Baillie MSP - Deputy Leader  of the Scottish Labour Party. Scenes from the Scottish Parliament in  Holyrood, Edinburgh Stock Photo - Alamy

Yesterday, in Holyrood, Jackie Baillie (Dumbarton) (Scottish Labour) asked the Scottish Government for what reason NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has reportedly decided not to replace the role of lead infection control nurse at the Gartnavel campus in Glasgow?

Jean Freeman replied:

The Scottish Government is not normally involved in the direct recruitment of frontline staff within NHS Scotland Boards, however NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are currently escalated to Level 4 meaning that Scottish Government has in place advanced monitoring and oversight. The Oversight Board are aware that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, as part of a proposed service redesign to maximise the capacity and capability of the Infection Prevention and Control Team, were appropriately planning to
reconfigure the service.

Click to access WA20201023.pdf

Does Baillie have support staff? Has she employed members of her own family who apparently know diddley about what you can ask who?

4 thoughts on “Labour MSP shows what they’re capable of”

  1. Alas, comprehension is difficult when you have a brass neck, campaign in secret against your own leader, and have more in common with Tories than your constituents.


  2. This is a recurring problem for the Old Baillie, the case collapses at the merest whiff of reality…
    Yet she is a mere slip of a thing compared to her omnipresent leader and even bigger balloon Dick in a Leotard, a hard act to follow let alone overtake..


  3. Ask a ridiculous question. Waste of time answering it. A waste of time and money. The Labour Party. 15% and falling. They can’t find any candidates. No wonder. A waste of space.


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