Who is the meanest ___ in the Party?

Is this some sick competition?

We’ve had Westminster Tories falling over each other to say the most stupid and insensitive things about about feeding hungry schoolchildren but now Tory councillor, John McLellan tries to go one better.

With 90 deaths in the last week, up from 59 the previous week and 20 the week before that, with 900 hospitalised yesterday, up from 650 a week ago and 450 the week before, he wants to suggest the Scottish Government’s strategy is wrong.

As for his literary reference, does anyone believe a man like Dylan Thomas would have sided with the Tories, especially those on the extremist wing?

McLellan quoting him is like David Cameron when he said he loved the Jam and Eton Rifles or George Bush using a Springsteen song.

Thomas, who once describe the the Queen as ‘the nincompoop queen’ was an avowed Marxist.

Do not go gentle into that good night, is traditionally read as an exhortation to enjoy the world and its pleasures to the maximum, even in the twilight years of an individual’s life. But it can just as easily be interpreted as a powerful expression of the unbending commitment of a socialist activist and writer who-although unorthodox- never gave up on his pursuit of the new synthesis.


10 thoughts on “Who is the meanest ___ in the Party?”

  1. The Hootsmon’s star columnists – Wilson, Monteith and McLellan are about as relevant and cutting edge as Wilson, Keppel and Betty of blessed memory.

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  2. Yesterday’s people
    Devoid of all answers capable of dealing with
    The problems of climate change and covid 19
    Awa wi them
    Ignore them
    If they refuse to go
    Forcibly remove them
    They are a very harmful irrelevance
    And must be deposited into the dustbin of history
    And the one labelled detritious

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  3. I am sure Dylan Thomas would be horrified at the UK today, or rather what England’s Etonian selfservatives are doing to the not so priveleged people of the so called UK. How dare this guy use a classic poem to attempt to portray Scotland’s democratically elected government as somehow authoritarian, when in fact it’s the UKEngGov who the dangerous ones. He talks about ‘gathering to say farewell to family or friends at funerals’, as if now it’s a deliberate infringement to have to reassess and do things differently so that the people attending such funerals won’t actually be next on the freakin list!
    It’s really getting tiresome, that these people are determined to demonise the ScotGov for working to save lives, yet the journo’s are all upset because somebody called them nasty or something for er, asking stupid questions of the FM, in an attempt to deliberately confuse people and conflate matters. The ScotGov try to be clear, the media and journalists do the opposite, sowing seeds of doubt, making sure there is no clarity of info and advice for people to make informed decisions. These journo’s are despicable.

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  4. John or anyone.
    Operation whale! Military and marine experts start audacious attempt to move pod of northern bottlenose whales out of a Scottish loch before Europe’s largest military exercise begins
    Does anyone know what happened to the Dolphins as the story seems to have gone,I hope none of them were killed.
    I also see that a cable to the Islands has been damaged but the Navy says nothing to do with them a new cable might have to be laid at a very high cost.


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