Deep in the Mix James cooks the books

The Blame Game begins: BBC Scotland blurs the lines to imply Scottish  Government could have done something about risk to rail infrastructure –  The Tusker [Talking-up Scotland]
James trying to pass the rail deaths buck to the SNP

Posted in the early hours, like me often, this on the BBC Scotland website:

Is Scotland moving towards independence?

By James Cook
Chief news correspondent for The Nine:

It’s long and OK at first until, 25 wee paras down we see:

First, the more that campaigners for the union highlight Scotland’s dependence on tax receipts from the richer south east of England, the less attractive such a state of affairs may appear. Increasing numbers of voters in England are asking why they should be writing the cheques and many north of the border are wondering why Scotland is poorer than other parts of the UK in the first place.

While some of the earlier stuff presents information as the opinion it is, with some balance, the above is stated as fact and left unchallenged.

As most of you know already, it’s just not true.

Professor Richard Murphy has fully debunked the myth. I recommend the full article, link below, but for our purpose here, the key point:

What GERS is asking us to believe is that with 8.2% of the UK population Scotland created between 54% and 60% of the UK deficit last year, depending on the basis used. And my answer is very simple: no it did not. How do I know that?

Because Scotland would not have chosen to spend some of the cost charged to it by the UK government. And because the GERS methodology is wrong when comparing income and expenditure, as I have already noted today.

But most of all it is because what this ignores is three issues. The first is that there is a massive bias in financial services in the UK that the Tax Justice Network has recently pointed out. This means value is extracted from Scotland and recorded in London.

Second, there is massive wealth inequality in the UK: Of course, there is wealth inequality too, and both represent this looting of the rest of the UK by the financial services industry in the south east of England.

And third, to suggest as the GERS notes suggest that profits are appropriately allocated to Scotland on a case by case basis is just nonsense. I have worked on issues of profit allocation for years and developed country-by-country reporting to address this issue. It is now used around the world, but there is no data in Scotland to appraise it. To then suggest that profits and so corporation tax are correctly apportioned is nonsense.

This data is, then, not just wrong. It is absurdly wrong. From the methodology, to the lack of data, to the inherent biases and the failure to correct for obviously identifiable factors, the result is intended to produce an outcome.

12 thoughts on “Deep in the Mix James cooks the books”

  1. Mr Cook like the rest of BBC Scotland and, indeed, most of the broadcast media is NOT engaged in delivering news, analysis and balanced comment, but in propagandising for the clique which has run the British state since the BBC was established and selected John Reith precisely for the purpose of propagandising.

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  2. James Cook has form.
    Just like the rest of the BEEB.

    The BEEB is run by a Tory Unionist, so if it walks and talks like a Tory Unionist, that is no surprise.

    Cobblers and lies, Cook(ed) in a pie,
    Presented as fact, oh my, oh my!
    Dont be upset, when we say goodbye!

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  3. I read a heading in I think the Guardian earlier today (sadly can’t find it now) saying it is not enough for journalists to claim balance just by presenting both sides of view, they also need to challenge false arguments and information. On the face of it James Cook’s piece did seem fairly measured until the section you refer to which then just undermines his whole piece. It’s not as if the info isn’t out there so by writing what he did he must have decided to ignore it.

    On the plus side, on GMS this morning the lack of funding for Scotland to support business indefinitely and the Internal Market bill were both discussed fairly I thought.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Isobel F, Gordon B, Brian Taylor et al came out in favour of an independent Scotland after leaving the BBC? In these fairly miserable times a hopeful wish list is essential for staying sane!

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    1. Yeah but. . . By sneaking in a lie disguised as fact in a balanced article makes the lie more believable.
      A lie about Scotlands economy, a central pillar of the case for independence.

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      1. Indeed and a classic tactic of the media and BritNat state…as a commenter on WGD said other day, media is a trojan horse when it comes to Scotland. They can’t get away with 100% Scotland is sh*te now, so they use the ‘this could be the case or that could happen, all lovely, ah but what if? Oh no, better not rock the boat then, status quo it is then, better off being subsidised, just in case!’
        Saw a tweet by a guy on twitter saying he would have ‘voted for indy but not now because of the huge debt Scotland has(!) and would now be stoney broke’ that’s the gist of what he said so I sent him lots of info to counter that…seemed to want to know, hope he reads it all.

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  4. Talking of the BBC it seems we are not the only ones who think they are biased.

    I am not advocating any rights or wrongs regarding Syria but reading the article it seems the UK and USA were complicit in some things.

    Le Mesurier died in November 2019 having fallen from the balcony of his Istanbul home which he shared with his third wife, Emma Winberg. Three days before his death, which was ruled a suicide, Le Mesurier had reportedly admitted to defrauding Mayday Rescue of funds provided by UK and European governments.

    I saw nothing of this suicide in MSM at the time strange??????????

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    1. O/T
      Saw that the US has ‘brokered’ a sort of peace deal between Sudan and Israel, it’s enough to make you laugh, or cry. Meanwhile the US is sanctioned the life out of countries like Venezuela, and when countries try to help Vnzla, they are also either threatened and/or sanctioned by the US, horrendous.


  5. The State of Israel. Netanyahu on corruption charges. Hanging on. Bribing the media. Embezzling public monies. Violent protests. Every night outside his house. The economy tanking. Mass unemployment. Three election is a year inconclusive. They are going to have another one. A trade deal with Sudan will make little difference.

    The Nine BBC propaganda. No one watches it. No wonder.


  6. Scotland raises £66Billion+ in tax revenues. Increased £3Billion form renewables. Gets on average £30Billion back. £15Billion? on (UK} pension/benefits. Scotland pays for it. £45Billion.

    Scotland has to pay £4Billion on the military. It could be £1Billion less. (Gets back even less Into the economy, Scotland had to pay back £4Billion in loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. HS2, Hinkley Point, Trident etc. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion? to invest in the economy. It would pay for itself in economic development. Scotland loses £3Billion from tax evasion. UK tax Laws not enforced by Westminster. £13Billion lost to Scotland by Westminster mismanagement which could be better spent.

    Scotland could be like Norway and raise £80Billion in tax revenues. Westminster total mismanagement holds Scotland back. Westminster illegally and secretly takes revenues from Scotland. Keeps it secret under the Official Secrets Act. McCrone Report. Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    Westminster Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion have held Scotland back.

    All decisions made in Westminster based on Westminster Treasury decision. Scotland funds UK Gov. All the Gov jobs on the Mall administration. Pays for UK HQ based in London, £Billions of Oil revenues taken to fund Tilbury Docks and Canary Wharf etc. The banking crash. Thatcher deregulating banking. The bankers fund the Tory Party. The transport system based on London centric. Congestion and more expense.

    Thatcher. High unemployment. 15% Scotland 20% NI.The only place under 10% unemployment was London S/E. Interest rates at 17%. Poll tax. Violence and social unrest. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe.

    The Brexit shambles unfolding. They could not make a bigger mess. The Tories losing support. Support for SNP/Independence rising. The Tories are starving kids and killing people. Life expectancy in the south deceasing.

    The UK one of the most unequal places in the world. Tax cuts and evasion for the wealthy. Children left to starve. Cuts to NHS, Education and welfare. £66Billion from 2015 to 2020. £13Billion a year on average. UK Tax revenues £666Billion+ a year on average.

    The illegal Barnett Formula holds Scotland back.Designed by Isin Lang to take revenues and resources from Scotland. Thatcher kept it secret and lied about it. The sermon in the Mound.

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