Willie Rennie’s Desperation

Headlining in the Herald today, the leader of one of Scotland’s minority parties :

I’d forgotten about the Lib Dems. You remember them. They tend to be quite forgiving of paedophilia or sheltering paedophilia, among their leaders.

Today a BBC report on Patrick Harvie and the Greens aiming to catch Labour makes no mention of them at all. Harvie knows the Lib Dems are finished.


So the Lib Dem leader tries get attention with this:

Willie Rennie hits out at “anti-English rhetoric” around Coronavirus briefings

That’s going to help him, I don’t think.

Scotland did nearly reach elimination in July:


With community transmission almost non-existent, the increases beginning in August could only have come from ‘elsewhere‘.

Some infection may have come in with tourists from England and Wales but we all know from local media reports that much came back in with daft Scots tourists who had been to European resorts but did not quarantine on return and even went from one house party to another.

One of them nearly got me in an Ayr eatery where she worked. My timing was unusually impeccable.

We know also, for a fact, that the spread in care homes was due to agency workers bused in from as far away as Kent.

Some Rennies upset your stomach.

7 thoughts on “Willie Rennie’s Desperation”

  1. Wee Wullie.
    Scot Lib Dumbs.The last refuge of Brit Nat scoundrels.
    Liberal? Federalism? Democratic?
    All false posturing, from a bunch of “National Liberal” think-a-likes.

    Tories by another name; check out their coalition record—more right wing than actual Tories.

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  2. Come on, it’s no fun being Wullie. You spend all these years earning a reputation as one of the thickest men in Scottish politics. You do the job so-well they make you Heid Bummer of the Bums.

    But can you relax? No, you find one of your deputy heid bummers, Alex Coal-Scuttle repeatedly trying to out-do you in the Holyrood, who can spout the most anti-SNP pish. Of course you have to fight back.

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  3. The Lib Dem’s would be extinct but for the crucial place that is reserved for them by Westminster Lib Dem’s are supported as an escape route for Westminster .
    Westminster know Labour are finished in Scotland people won’t return to them because they betrayed Scotland and teamed up with the conservatives.
    Westminster keep supporting the Lib Dem’s in Scotland because they are the place where people go who don’t want to vote conservative and have vowed never to vote Labour again.
    Many many English people living in Scotland vote Lib Dem it eases their conscience they can say they would never vote Tory because that’s safe to say in Scotland ,hardly anyone does vote for tories in Scotland.
    They vote Lib Dem but will vote tactically if required to stop Scottish democracy .


  4. Just how in the name of the wee Willie Rennie did he leap from ELSEWHERE to “Anti-English rhetoric” ?
    Did he misread Ellesmere Port ?

    This is a problem shared among the opposition in Holyrood and the media in Scotland, they have shouted FIRE so often it’s become one continuous drone, if there was a real fire it’s more likely to be believed when it comes from SG, a frightening state of affairs for any democracy….


    1. Indeed – it is a huge leap from ‘elsewhere’ to ‘anti-English’ and I note not even ‘anti-England’. This a despicable attempt in essence to accuse a form of racism – and without any documented, specific evidence.

      This can be dismissed as ‘just oor Wullie’ but really it should not be – this slur is beyond contempt! I would wish for the SG to call him out!

      If the LibDems as a party opt to persist with this kind of leadership they deserve electoral wipe-out in Scotland.

      It’s a long, long way away from the quality of Liberal leadership under Jo Grimond’s and his commitment to Scotland’s ‘Home Rule’.

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  5. Yes, I did not always see the Libdums as closet Tories. Years ago I had a number of friends and work colleagues who supported the libdums. At the time( pre devolution) I was innocent of their true beliefs. As I grew up I began to notice how right wing they were. Eventually I saw them for what they were. They are, to this day, a place of refuge for people who want to hide their true right wing beliefs.

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  6. what a joy if at least one of those faulty job lots just did not open there mouths for a surprise at fmqs . what bliss, they could take it in turn each week to not say a word .. . but there again they might just spontaniously combust instead . that might be fun as well . . aw well nice to dream .


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