Peston Predicts Almost All Yellow for Nicola as voters ignore talk of SNP ‘splits’


In a poll by Number Cruncher Politics for Peston on 16-18 October, the SNP are predicted to sweep all before them with only one not taken.

I can’t see what the one is but I fear it’s Murray still insisting there is no support for Indyref2.

6 thoughts on “Peston Predicts Almost All Yellow for Nicola as voters ignore talk of SNP ‘splits’

  1. No one cares about splits. They just want the band to get back together. A sweeping victory. To defeat the dissenters. People can see through the hypocrites and naesayers.

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  2. The SNP must NEVER get side-tracked with Westminster/English concerns over who rules. Both Tory and Labour parties are English sovereignista’s, and opposed to independence will will do the dirty at the first opportunity.
    No pacts.
    No deals.

    Just tell them Scotland wants out–to remain friends–to wish them all the best–and good-bye!

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  3. We must slowly but surely let all know that we shall treat Westminster as a irrelevance
    And if they refuse a sect.30
    Then we shall totally ignore them to the point
    That they do not even exist
    You CANNOT govern without consent
    And the longer they do so we must make Scotland ungovernable for them
    In subtle ways such as
    No payment of road tax or ABC licence fee
    But pay the monies into a special account to
    Resolve matters once free
    I am sure there are many more subtle actions
    That we can come up with to make these lands of ours Ungovernable for them
    And money is the best way to do so
    They are already in very deep fiscal trouble
    So pour oil onto their troubled waters

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  4. No less important than all that yellow, is all that blue in England (and Wales as well). While its not going to have been a good election for the Tories, they wont easily give up power.
    An issue that could loom large is that they offer the SNP a confidence and supply agreement in return for a S30 – BUT, who wants to be the PM who presided over the breakup of the UK?
    This is only a poll and some years away from the actual vote. In particular you can bet the media will go large, as they have done before, that a vote for Labour in England is a vote to give power and influence to the SNP – just as they did with Miliband.
    Btw, I hope they are wrong that it’s Murray who survives. Almost anyone but him.


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