Dying ‘with’ Covid ‘following’ an Outbreak in a care home

From the BBC:

Five residents of a care home in south-west Scotland have died following an outbreak of Covid-19.

A total of 12 deaths of care home residents confirmed to have had Covid-19 were reported to the Care Inspectorate between 5 to 11 October – about 5% of all care home deaths in that period.

See that 5%? Only 5%?

Care homes for the elderly, sadly but predictably, see death often. A population almost entirely around the normal life expectancy must inevitably have a high death rate.

That only 1 in 20 ‘had‘ Covid-19 does not suggest that things are out of control. We do not even know from that if any died ‘because of‘ the virus.

Given the above, what purpose does this BBC Scotland report serve? To inform or to scare into irrational behaviour?

2 thoughts on “Dying ‘with’ Covid ‘following’ an Outbreak in a care home”

  1. 1,000 people in Scotland die, on average, every week. More die in the winter than the summer. More people die, on average, in the winter. 50,000 a year. Mainly the elderly after a long (and happy life?). Average life expectancy 79 and going up. Women outlive men on average 5 years, worldwide.

    The Scottish Gov has been keeping more people alive. Increased SNHS spending £1/2Billion a year. £12.5Billion. Introduced MUP. Social care keeping the elderly in their own homes, where they want to stay. Resident home care £600+ a week. Hospital care £600+ a day.

    The SNP Gov has introduced guidelines and rules to keep the coronavirus deaths down. Introduced testing for those who need it. People are following the rules and guidelines to keep the virus and the deaths down. Acting responsible and caring. People should obey the rules and guidelines in a difficult situation, The SNHS fighting this terrible pandemic.

    The Press/Media are hopeless with statistics. They always get it wrong. For click bait services. Increasing advertising revenues might be the purpose. Scotland’s population has only increased since Devolution and SNP Gov. 2000. It stagnated before from 1900. 5million. Now 5.4Million.Westminster Gov secretly and illegally took Scottish revenues and resources to fund London S/E. Left Scotland in poverty.

    Millions were displaced by Westminster illegal wars. People die and are in poverty because of Westminster illegal governance. Breaking International Law, Brexit. Life expectancy in the rest of the UK. going down because of austerity. Westminster unionists still totally mismanaging the Scottish budget. Wasting taxpayers monies. On Trident , HS2, Hinkley Point, illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Depriving Scotland of £Billions of funding that could be better spent. On essential services or economic development,

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