Irony of Ironies?

From BBC Scotland:

Travel agent staff who faced losing their jobs have been hired as contact tracers by the health service. Nicola Sturgeon said that NHS Scotland had taken on staff from Barrhead Travel after demand for travel dropped. It approached the Scottish government to offer help with national efforts to control the virus while also keeping staff employed.

Many readers will have smiled wryly at this news and unfortunately remembered this man:

Shut that door! There’s a strong wind.

Many of us have not forgotten Bill Munro, founder of Borrheid Travel, for his part in the NO campaign, in 2014. See this from BBC Scotland in March 2014:

The founder of Barrhead Travel has told his staff that a “Yes” vote in Scotland’s independence referendum would be “a disaster”. Bill Munro sent a memo to staff about what he saw as the dangers of independence and accused the SNP of misleading voters.

Now, Barrhead Travel gets the SNP Government to employ its surplus staff. You couldn’t make it up.

You have to admire their brass neck.

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12 thoughts on “Irony of Ironies?

  1. Munro sold the business if I recall correctly ?
    It’s a bit of a stretch to visit the sins of the owner on the employees 6 years ago let alone today.

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  2. The “New Scotland” will be a forgiving, loving kind of place.

    No place for the negative, hate-filled Brit Nats of old.
    We pray to the pantheon of all the gods of Love, to open their hearts, and embrace change.
    Because Change is coming!

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  3. My first reaction was that it was clever of BT to offer their services / ask for work.

    Call Kaye Melt Down
    Think Call Kaye had a bit of negative audience reaction. . . Well loads actually.
    Started reading out txts saying they were fed up with Covid, one saying thats all she’s talked about for months. So the skilled operative’s training kicked in, she went into “please like me mode.” At one point
    A texter told how she found pleasure in her grand kid, Kaye ” i’ve found myself oogling at babies in the street”.
    A consultant surgeon had phoned, as the prog. went on Kaye repeatedly told us how he had made her feel emotional.
    “Next week we are going to play music for people who have done their bit during Covid. ”
    Desperately trying to hold on to her illinformed audience.

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    1. How big is her audience?
      BBC & Radio Scotland losing traction with the public.
      Saw someone yesterday, who was retiring after decades on BBC local TV. It was said how trusted BBC regional TV and Radio were fighting for their communities—–but not so in Scotland. Here, they fight to demean and deminish Scotland and the Scottish public.

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      1. Aye Gavin, a diminishing, ill-informed audience….

        Right now it’s the nightly hospitality bosses telling the country (unchallenged) that there is no scientific evidence for closing the Hospitality sector. . . . Jason Leitch will be invited along in a few days to respond


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