Scotland benefits twice from Velvet Divorce

On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia split in an amicable, ‘velvet divorce’ after finding devolution too much bother.

There was no referendum. The elected politicians just did it. They split the assets and liabilities based on their respective populations.

In 2004 both joined the EU and have thrived.

Notably, Slovakia, the smaller, more mountainous and with a greater burden of heavy industry decline, has done better.

In January 2013, Glenn Campbell wrote a piece with few serious reservations about it:

Campbell concluded:

For better or for worse, the Velvet Divorce was irreversible and after twenty years of independence there’s no clamour for Czechs and Slovaks to get back together.

Only a year ago, Iain Macwhirter was recommending the idea:

In 2016, the forthcoming president of the EU, Slovakia’s Robert Fico, offered to help Scotland with its ‘velvet divorce’ from the UK:

EU President to help UK with velvet divorce after Scottish independence

There has been a down-side for the former Czechoslovakia, not mentioned.

Their combined football team reached the World Cup finals 9 times, always making the Group Stages, twice making the Quarter-finals and twice Runners-up! They have won the European Championship and come Third, twice.

Now, we can beat them home and away!

Thank goodness we have always resisted the notion of a British football team.

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8 thoughts on “Scotland benefits twice from Velvet Divorce

  1. Only the English monarchs ruling over Scotland are adorned with velvet, and they do not want a divorce, it would mean giving up lots of land and castles in Scotland and that’s not acceptable to them. Tough.
    The English government and their queen could start negotiating with the Scottish government now if they were a democratic civilised, 21st century government, but they are not unfortunately.
    Brexit has revealed just how backward and bullying and law breaking that the English elite in government are, and the people of Scotland do not want to be part of that destructive, greedy, selfish ‘family of nations’ anymore. To accept the union now is to destroy the future for generations to come, not acceptable. The English elite have ruled over Scotland for generations, far too long, now it’s time to ‘split’. It could be amicable and beneficial if only England would accept the change, but looking at portaloo Brexit Britain, it’s the last thing they will entertain.
    More fool them.

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  2. Sport is big business. Contributes taxes and revenues. Generates cash for kids. Healthy example. Win handsome prize monies. Distributed back for kids. Win, win, win. Hopefully not cheating going on. Equal rules and support in place for everyone. Gyms are big business keeping people fit. The leisure industry worth £Billions in jobs and kit. Keepy up quite astounding. Everyone loves a winner. Sport generates £Billions worldwide and keeps people fit.

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  3. Divorce can be tough but worth it. Everyone cones out better off and happier. Equality, fraternity and liberty. In the main keeps everyone happier.

    On average relationships last 7 years. Marriages last 10 years. 300 years of trouble, strife and abuse is too much. Universal Suffrage 1928. Scotland will be Independent nearly 100 years later. Enough time to end an abusive relationship. People have had enough of it. The inequality of the budget and the voting system.

    The Tory unionists have to go before even more damage is done. Good bye and good luck. To a better, more prosperous future. No more illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. Lie, after lie after lie. Breaking the Law. Liars always get found out. Vote them out.

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  4. There will be no velvet divorce when England’s Tories are involved.
    One of the reasons we will need to get back into the EU as quickly as possible is that they will continue to try and run things in Scotland and only respect the big stick approach.
    They tried to shut down Scotland’s economy in order to force us into their union 300 years ago and for sure will resort to the same sort of behaviour should we leave them.
    It will be acrimonious.

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  5. I don’t think the Czech example will apply in the case of Scotland.

    Scottish football is (deliberately?) starved of funding by the BBC, BT and Sky, despite a successful and ground breaking history in European competition, before football success became a measure of finance, rather than skill.

    Hibs were the first British team to reach the semi finals of the European Cup in 1956. Dundee repeated the feat in 1963. Celtic were the first British team to win the European Cup in 1967. European success followed with Rangers 1971 and Aberdeen 1983.

    The English Premier league gets just over £3B from BT and Sky, while total TV funding of Scottish football is a few millions. Is this the result of “Outlander” type pressure from the U.K. government?

    I believe Scottish football will be one of the primary beneficiaries of independence. It will receive appropriate funding from the Scottish National Broadcaster and focussed funding and support from a fully resourced Scottish Government.

    Scottish football will be restored to the level it has reached in the past.

    Football success is important. It has an impact on national self confidence, health and morale.

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    1. Tennis was short £6Million under UK funding. Contributions made not coming back, Disproportionate like most sports funding. Scottish sportspeople had to go to south to training centres.Or lost support and funding by comparison. Now getting rectified by more facilities getting built in Scotland. Commonwealth games facilities etc. Scottish budget paid for the Commonwealth Games. Commentators from elsewhere tried to take it over with bias. No place for Scottish commentary which was non biased. BBC.

      Scottish revenues and contribution were used to pay for the Olympics. Lottery monies is not fairly or equally, distributed. Just like lots of other monies, funding and facilities. It goes down but does not come back. The so called artificial deficit. Created by decisions made elsewhere not agree upon. Non democratically. £Billions which could be better spent.


  6. I suspect that today, Messrs Campbell and MacWhirter would be scouring the streets of Brno and Bratislava to find ONE person who will say, “Things have been in the grubber since Czechoslovakia ended. We wur better together.”

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