You can trust the Herald but only if you’re reading it in England

In a report which fails to clarify that it’s entirely about England, the Herald seems to care little if it confuses the situation in Scotland and undermines compliance levels.

Those who are revealed by the NHS in England to have been told to self-isolate but whom the police discover have not, will then be prosecuted.

In England, Sir Ed Davey has already suggested that the move will reduce willingness to get tested.

In Scotland:

Data that is collected in this manner will be used to implement Scotland’s COVID tracing system. It will not be shared with other organisations unless they have a legitimate reason to ask for it. For example, it would not be shared with Police Scotland to implement fines unless Police Scotland had demonstrated their legal basis to have the data.

Use of your data for Contact Tracing

So, in England, access will be smoothed for the police while in Scotland, the onus will be on the police to prove the need to access the data?

7 thoughts on “You can trust the Herald but only if you’re reading it in England

  1. What a disgrace. The Herald is actually willingly, deliberately misleading the people in Scotland.
    It seems that the whole of the BritNat media are going full on anti Scotland now, and they don’t cafe if people die because of their lies. Despicable to say the very least. Hopefully that particular rag won’t be around in an independent Scotland.

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  2. For England in these matters the solution is so simple
    Disband the police and reform them in a mode akin to The Gestapo


  3. The Herald nonsense. Ground hog day. Especially the comments. How can people be bother. Click bait nonsense. Readership deserting it. Soon their will be non left. Relying on advertising revenues. Readship none existent. A poor demise. National doing quite well. The former editor now an SNP candidate. Bill Walker good guy. Still have the copy supporting Independence. It will go down in history of the Independence strife. Monumental to win. Next time,


  4. England’s Tory governmnent and their proxies here in Scotland don’t do carrots,only sticks.
    The usual behaviour exhibited by right wing authoritative regimes the world over.
    Trump’s fascists using state operatives to crush dissenting demonstrations in US cities is just another example.
    Would’t be surprised if we see something similar in England over the winter period.


  5. Article is attributed to the Press Assoc. the Propagandist remains nameless.

    Would be good to hear the FM, bring this article up at Monday’s Covid Update.


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