For Foch’s sake Douglas don’t be Haig!

Douglas Ross, for Scotsman writer and Tory councillor John McLellan, could be our General Foch.

Foch, you know, Foch, Foch! You know, the French general who ordered a counter-attack, madly counter-intuitive, in 1914? Well, seems it was, retrospectively, a good thing. Well, as good as it gets, when millions die charging machine guns across a muddy field.

Anyhow, bizarrely, McLellan thinks Douglas Ross can be Scotland’s Foch, counter-attacking when all seems lost, as the polls suggest the combined SNP/Yes forces are now unstoppable.

Stop laughing! Be serious.

McLellan, Director of Communications for Ruth Davidson sees a cranking up of communications and policy output under Ross, suggesting he’s up for the fight.

Stop laughing. Be serious.

It’s not clear if McLellan has seen Ross falling out with the farmers or his ‘Waterloo‘ on Question Time where the SNP’s fierce young General Forbes put him to the sword.

On reflection, why didn’t McLellan go for the obvious World War 1 general, Douglas Haig? You know the guy who lost two million?

11 thoughts on “For Foch’s sake Douglas don’t be Haig!

  1. Yes, I fought my way past the full page Ad from “UK Government in Scotland”, which appears almost daily in the Scotsman, to read this warmongering piece of junk.

    We’ve even had the “Hands, Face, Space” slogan in one of their full page Ads, which in my view should get the Scotsman called up on a charge of screwing up Nicola’s FACTS messaging.

    McLellan was certainly the main enemy of truth in that issue of the rag, given that Brian Wilson was pontificating about how he’d always said that Theresa May’s deal would have saved us from Boris’s uncooked deal. I think he forgot to mention the SNP.

    (Note: I only buy the Scotsman to size up the enemy)

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      1. I’d have fished it out of the bin for you, but I see you’ve got one from the National – what a joke that is!


    1. BBC Underming The Scot. Gov’s Health Message. . . . . Again

      The BBC should be joining the Scotsman in that dock.
      On this mornings GMS we were fed a diet of “successfull” British health public health messages. Then the propagandists compared the current English health message of “Hands Face Space” with Scotlands “F A C T S” ours was labelled confusing, Bill Whatford asked the panel if anyone knew what F A C T S” stood for . . No one put their hand up not even Penny Taylor the Health Propagandist. So Whatford had to read it out.


  2. Seems OTT for sure…is DRoss saying he and his party would be willing to ‘die in a ditch’ to save the yoonion? Aye, more like he has the HOL’s in his sights, but sh*tting his pants because Scotland sees right through him and his masters’ dirty tactics to keep Scotland shackled.

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  3. As far as Dross concerned
    As he charges into the fray
    History shall prove
    Tis indeed it is The Light Brigade he is at the front off
    Many a loaded cannon awaits him coming within range


  4. DRossy wid ficht us in the trenches,
    or on Westminsters benches.
    Oot the EU he would wrench us,
    ‘Cause he disnae like thae Frenchies.
    He likes his bovine movies, as they dinnae show nae wenches.
    But he wishes for the actuality, of real coo-pie stenches.

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  5. For once Question Time was serious. There are no words for Ross. Fish impression. A waste of space. Sooking up thin air. Total exposure. What an embarrassment, 3 years at sea experience. The Tories drifting on the rocks. Disastrous and dangerous,


    1. Reminds me of the early days of Ruthie—before she grew a thick skin and distanced herself from facts and previously held views.

      Of course it never mattered what she had said last week, the media just covered up anything embarrassing.


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