Covid on Campus: Will BBC Scotland Disclosure be able to resist?

In their 21 second trailer, we hear:

‘What did they think was going to happen?’

Just who ‘they‘ are will be disclosed on Monday.

I know who ‘they’ should be – the university managers, boards and principals.

Will BBC Scotland be satisfied with that or will the Scottish Government be dragged into the firing line?

Will Ruth Davidson or one of her pack get a chance to blame the Scottish Government for not telling the universities what to do even though they can’t tell them what to do?

Will the UK government’s role in not stopping English universities from returning be mentioned?

Will Richard the Lionheart be able to summon up a wee tear for the human rights betrayal of students who only want to have fun snogging each other and have the inalienable right to do so? Will he mention the Magna Carta? His ancestors were there.

Will that same student which BBC Scotland used so often they nearly had to give her a job a few weeks ago, give them, one more time:

I think the Scottish Government have handled it really badly.


4 thoughts on “Covid on Campus: Will BBC Scotland Disclosure be able to resist?

  1. All will be revealed on Monday night. Though i have been shocked by previous propaganda via DISCLOSURE . i’m sure it will be the same again from this dirty organisation

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  2. Apparently a whole raft of BBC Hootsman presenters are taking redundancy from this s(t)inking ship, so we may well have to get used to “student journalism”—though they will all have to be recruited from the Tory/Labour/MI5 student associations.
    And who knows, maybe the Scouts as well!

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