Patients die after you read this!

A lot of things tend to happen after other things. In some families, a ‘one in, one out’ myth has developed. A baby appears and within months an elderly relative dies. The sequence is noted and seems to happen more than once. A creator of some kind is calling one back to make up for the one they have just provided. It’s just a myth, isn’t it? Nobody believes that these days. Sometimes one thing just happens after another.

Over a year ago, some people died in the same hospital after they had contracted a fungal infection from pigeon droppings, maybe.

After news got out, some opposition politicians saw the opportunity to exploit the situation. Actually, that might be a because.

Now, I’m not seriously comparing the fungal infections which probably caused no deaths with coronavirus where between 3 and 4% of those who catch it die because of it and where up to 10% of those with serious underlying conditions die because of it.

But, we appear, at the time of writing, to have no evidence that any of the cases reported by the Herald were because of the virus rather than just after it.

Hospital patients die all the time. Some have died while I wrote this. I try not to think of that.

2 thoughts on “Patients die after you read this!

  1. A death certificate must be signed by 2 qualified medical professionals
    And only after both agree that the 2 boxes
    1.Primary cause of death
    2.Any secondary condition that may have contributed to 1 above
    Death certificates are a matter of public record
    As such any reputable journalist should check
    The facts before they put ( in the case of The Herald ) their poisonous pen to their piece of
    Scatological paper


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