Scottish Labour MP can’t stand up for falling down on promises

In his recent campaign for the Labour Party Deputy Leadership, Ian Murray, Scotland’s only Labour MP, wrote:

Our party has a proud record of defending human rights at home and abroad. The Human Rights Act of 1998 enshrined in domestic law the European Convention of Human Rights. That piece of legislation has afforded millions of citizens the basic rights they need and deserve, but might not have otherwise had under the Tories. Standing up for that principle is perhaps more important now than ever, after December’s disastrous election results.

Standing up was soon to prove too much for Murray. Only yesterday, we were able to note his absence from the 34 who did actually stand up for human rights by voting against a bill to allow security services and their informants to steal, snoop, harm and even kill with impunity.

Murray seems to have sided with Sir Keir and abstained.

The 34:

6 thoughts on “Scottish Labour MP can’t stand up for falling down on promises

  1. Ian Murray MP devotes himself today to berating the Scottish Government about a football match. Thanks to The Tusker he cannot get away completely with hiding from the public his unwillingness to take a principled stance on really big human rights and justice issues with long term consequences. I wonder what the talk on the ‘Labour Hame’ blog for Scottish Labour stalwarts will be today in response to Mr Murray’s priorities? So far silence.

    In case anyone missed it, below is what the Unite Union wrote about the legislation on which Mr Murray opted to ABSTAIN.


    “The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill (CHIS), otherwise known as the SpyCops Bill, is currently being rushed through parliament. Its purpose is to provide the legal basis for the conduct of undercover agents such as police officers, but in reality, it will go much further.

    There has been a well-documented history of state surveillance of lawful trade union activity and justice campaigns in recent years, including links with the criminal blacklisting of trade union members. These revelations have been admitted by the police, as has the appalling conduct of undercover police in pursuing surveillance of legitimate civil society organisations, including anti-racist, family justice and environmental groups. These are still subject to a public inquiry.

    Our concerns about CHIS include:
    – It allows state agents to commit crimes to stay undercover.

    – There’s no limit to what crimes they can commit, including murder, torture or sexual violence

    – They can commit crimes to ‘prevent disorder’ or maintain ‘economic well-being’.

    – It threatens trade union activity and justice campaigns.

    – There is no provision for innocent victims to get compensation.

    – It allows a wide range of agencies like the Food Standards Agency to spy on people and commit crimes.

    It does not protect human rights.

    – It lacks prior judicial authorisation to commit a crime.

    Amendments to the bill are being debated by MPs this week (Thursday 15 October) and Unite is concerned that this is not only being done with undue haste and insufficient scrutiny, but that it risks compromising and undermining legal proceedings through which the victims of previous criminal conduct by undercover agents, are seeking justice.”

    And for context, the International human rights charity Reprieve tweeted yesterday:

    ““The FBI has for many years run agents using guidelines that expressly ban certain criminal conduct… The FBI may never authorise an informant to participate in violence except in self-defence. So the approach of the UK Govt is really without precedent.”

    The obvious principled stance for Mr Murray to take on such important issues is … not to take one, to absent himself from the third reading vote in the Commons, to ABSTAIN and get back to the football! The contrast with the MP in his neighbouring constituency Joanna Cherry could not be more stark as her speech on Thursday, recorded in Hansard, reveals.

    As a footnote, The Fabian Society website, that other bastion of ‘Labourism’, published a piece from Labour leader and British patriot Kier Starmer on 16 October, 2020 under the headline “A better future’. In this he writes:

    “The future will belong to those with the courage and the vision to seize it. If we want to see Labour back in power, creating a better, fairer society; a stronger, greener, sustainable economy; restoring Britain’s moral position in the world; giving the country a government it can be proud of, then we must – again – stand shoulder to shoulder to make it happen. Another future is possible: a better future. The fight for that future begins here.”

    Given the date, he was probably scheming to whip his party into ABSTAINING on the third reading of the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill at around the same time as penning these fine words about courage, vision, moral position, and a fight for a better future beginning ‘now’ – or perhaps he meant ‘tomorrow’, as there’s an ABSTENTION on a big human rights and justice issue to get out of the way first?

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  2. Starmer, not just a Tory in pretendy New Labour clothing, but a dangerous proponent of state sanctioned oppression and even state sanctioned murder. Let’s not forget his past jobs in gov security work, he wasn’t exactly the bastion of standing up for the rights of ordinary people.
    Even the FBI have standards that mean they cannot murder people with impunity, the EngGov by the look of it have no intention of keeping any such standards. How absolutely terrifying.
    Starmer, fake lefty, calls ‘Britain’ a ‘country’, he needs to go back to school.
    Of course, GDPR goes out the window with Brexit, it’s applicable to the EU and EEA, neither of which the UKOK will be part of. It’s getting really scary, ‘mon Scotland, escape the cesspit UKOK while you still can.


  3. Murray is showing his true colours – one does not get to represent the good Tory people of Edinburgh and get to maintain Labour principles ( whatever they might be today ).
    He is earning his 30 pieces of silver !


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