Private care home deaths ‘at’, ‘in’ and ‘after’ but any ‘because of?’

Yesterday BBC Scotland told us:

Seven residents at a West Lothian care home have now died in a Covid-19 outbreak, NHS Lothian has confirmed. It comes after four deaths were linked to Redmill care home in East Whitburn on Friday. The health board said it was dealing with a “significant outbreak” and a multi-agency team continued to offer support. More than 50 staff and residents at the home, which is run by HC-One, have tested positive since 25 September.

Five days ago, they told us:

A number of residents have died following “significant outbreaks” of Covid-19 at two care homes in Lothian. Investigations began after cases were identified at Milford House and Redmill care homes. NHS Lothian said due to patient confidentiality it could not be specific about the number of residents who had died, as it was fewer than five across both homes. At Milford House in Edinburgh, which is operated by Renaissance Care, 29 people have tested positive.

Robert Kilgour scoops top honour at Scottish Care Home Awards - Renaissance  Care
Renaissance Care boss Robert Kilgour

There is so much missing from these reports which at first sight are extremely worrying.

First, surely death certificates for at least the first cases are available? Did anyone die because of coronavirus? Was it a contributory factor in any?

In the absence of that information, you have to wonder if any of these deaths were due to the virus and that the stories are just scare-mongering.

Second, why are no questions asked about the use of agency staff in these two privately owned homes? We know the central role such use played in the first outbreaks. Has it started again?

Third, given his massive presence on the BBC at earlier times to accuse the SNP Government of failures in his care homes, why is Renaissance Care owner, Robert Kilgour, allowed to disappear here?

5 thoughts on “Private care home deaths ‘at’, ‘in’ and ‘after’ but any ‘because of?’”

  1. As the surge continues to rise in England (and probably the rest of the UK) more cases will happen in care homes. Will care home residents receive treatment is a question being asked.

    This tweet, made a few hours ago, from a doctor in London working in an intensive care unit.

    “Rupert Pearse
    · 2h
    So this is happening. Today. Right now. After a steady week, COVID-19 admissions are rising again in @RoyalLondonHosp and we are activating the next level of our ICU surge plan. This is already the second worst infection outbreak of my career, after the first COVID wave in March.”


    1. Problems?! Understatement of the year.
      It’s about a far right wing dangerous, calculating Tory government who put profit before people and their own bank accounts before the good of society and communities and the people who pay their massive wages and expenses. They WANT the NHS to be stretched so much to breaking point so they can privatise it, Thatcher started the process, it’s now in the death throws in England. Covid is the icing on the cake for the Tory/red Tory/yellow Tory profiteers, perfect, along with Brexit, they are set to make freaking £billions. The poor, disabled and vulnerable, those who don’t die of Covid, have a heck of a future ahead of them in cesspit UKOK.

      Covid might not discriminate, re wealth, but apparently those who are poorest are disproportionately affected and dying in greater numbers. Johnson, Trump, Charlie Saxe Coburg, all made remarkable recoveries. Sadly if you are poor, it’s much less likely to be the case.


  2. When these care homes, private owned and operating for profit, bus in staff from other parts of the UK, they put residents in great danger, they also put our communities in great danger. It must be one of the most stupid things to do if you don’t want to spread a deadly virus around care homes and communities. Havens for infection, care homes etc will expose staff to Covid more than
    would be the case for the general public. If, as with hospitals when cleaning was outsourced to private companies (by the Eng HQ’d Labour branch in Scotland) cleaning is not up to scratch, you have a disaster on your hands. Heslthcare and social care for profit just should not be a thing at all, it’s a disgrace. Labour branch in Scotland would have privatised the air like they tried with our water, (they sold off the non domestic arm of Scottish Water) had they been at the helm at Holyrood any longer.


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