No Margaret Ferrier effect: 8 YES majorities in a row!

From Savanta ComRes on 8th October, another full poll gives Yes a 6 point lead. No data tables published yet, but this follows an un-interrupted run of 7 majorities for Yes, since June.

Since January, there have been no clear majorities for No, with 10 for Yes, 2 ties and two for No at only 1%:

The effects of the Margaret Ferrier incident or even the supposedly more damaging reports of schisms within the SNP are clearly of no impact here, much to the frustration of our NoMedia.

You knew that of course.

3 thoughts on “No Margaret Ferrier effect: 8 YES majorities in a row!”

  1. A propaganda war in full flood.
    By my reading, this BBC piece is, by obvious design, intended to give the impression that the care home situation is of concern only to the Lothian health authorities. In reality, NHS Lothian are the firefighters of last resort – the last-ditch saviours of a developing infection problem.
    There is, again, no mention of the profit-gaining owners of the private care homes involved and their fulfilment of legal obligations on their duties of care to their paying customers.
    Bias? I know what I think and I hope other will think the same.

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