32% of 2014 NO voters have changed their views

In a large-sample (2 093) for Progress Scotland (Angus Robertson) by Survation, we see further evidence of the trend since January, reported here already this morning:


Key points are:

  • 32% of 2014 NO voters have changed their views and they would vote the other way, or their views have changed a bit and are now not sure how they would vote
  • 64% of those who expressed a view think that ‘Yes’ would win a referendum if held now, this includes 45% of those who voted ‘No’ in 2014
  • 56% say that there should be an independence referendum if the 2021 Holyrood election results in the new parliament having a pro-independence majority

More detail:


11 thoughts on “32% of 2014 NO voters have changed their views”

      1. If the BritNat English government close Holyrood down, there will be no election. Not sure they will but anything is possible with these lying troughers and their lackeys in Scotland. The BritNat MSPs would be out of a job though as well, so they’d need compensation, a magic money tree I am sure awaits them.

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      2. “Taking powers (from Holyrood)…turning it into a talking shop”.

        David Hartley, MP, who helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris (it was signed in his hotel room) ending the War of American Independence, berated colleagues in parliament in 1777—

        “You gave them no alternative but independence or unconditional submission”.

        THAT is increasingly the situation in Scotland.

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  1. That poll is why there is a media “assassination” attempt on the reputation of Nicola Sturgeon.

    A few weeks ago it was reported that Isaac Levido, the Australian political strategist (who helped get Brexit over the line) was being sent by Downing Street to Scotland, to get independence “fixed”. I’m pretty sure every media exec, editor and owner will have had a phone call from Levido.

    Behind the scene threats and bribes work wonders when you are in a financial hole, and your arguments dont work with the public any more.

    This media pile-on has been ongoing for a fortnight, and shows no sign of abating. We cannot say we had a neutral press before–now they are absolutely upfront with their bias.

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    1. More on Isaac Levido. In The National on 3 August, 2020 George Kerevan wrote about the Tories hiring of Levido:

      ‘Levido’s forte is that he plays dirty. To date, the Scots Tories have been too middle-class, too remote from real politics to be much of a threat to the SNP. I cite the coming of Levido because he brings some Antipodean ruthlessness to the game in Scotland.

      So do the libertarian millennials Levido recruited to run the Tory social media operation last December and who may be recalled to the colours to help in Scotland; Sean Topham and Ben Guerin. Twenty-something New Zealanders – nicknamed the “meme machine” – Topham and Guerin say they “find people who are on the fence and make their minds up for them” using online messages to “unlock arousal emotions … anger, excitement, pride, fear”.’

      Wikipedia tells us this about Levido himself, an Australian:

      In the USA, “… Levido worked for several Republican senatorial campaigns. He was a protégé of Sir Lynton Crosby, whom he had met while working for the Conservative Party’s 2015 general election camapaign. Levido was then hired by Crosby’s consultancy CTF Partners and was in charge of running its office in Washington, D.C.

      Levido was also involved in the party’s 2017 general election campaign, as well as Zac Goldsmith’s campaign during the 2016 London mayoral election. During the 2019 Australian federal election, he was a deputy of the campaign director for the Liberal Party of Australia, Andrew Hirst. Levido headed the Conservative Party’s successful campaign in the 2019 United Kingdom general election.

      In March 2020, Levido was tasked by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to improve the government’s coronavirus-related messaging; Levido is credited with coming up the slogan, “Stay At Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”. In May 2020 he moved into an office in Downing Street to work on a snappy slogan for the easing of the UK Government’s coronavirus restrictions. When Dominic Cummings, the Chief Adviser to Johnson, was infected with coronavirus in March 2020, it had already been decided that Mr Levido would temporarily take his place.

      Levido left Downing Street in July 2020 to found Fleetwood Strategy. He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2020 Birthday Honours for political service.”

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    2. “Media assination attempt on Nicola Sturgeon”. With a lotta help from certain “pro Indy” bloggers

      Wonder if Scots are more politicsl Savvy than those Down Under?

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  2. Shame people hadn’t realised what the terrible consequences of the no (dodgy result) vote of 2014 would mean for Scotland. Majority support and/or voting intentions now is good, but the BritNats in London aided by their lackeys in Scotland will be on a war footing using the media and any means possible and probable to stop independence. They are not going to give up Scotland, no way. Gavinociltree, is that the guy re Brexit adviser who bought himself a passport to live in Malta with his millions, after securing the leave vote. I thought he was a New Zealander, not that it matters. Not sure how sympathetic the Aussies are to Scottish independence, many of them like the queen and the idea of rule Brittania, long as they get to keep their own revenues from gold and coal, and their independence.


    1. Definitely from Oz–which is increasingly republican.
      The Brexiteer who got Maltese citizenship, and applied for an EU passport was a New Zealander by the name of Christopher Chandler.
      He made his millions in Russia, in the dodgy days of the 90’s. Don’t know if that was when Cummings was there. Anyway, Chandler is reported as having strong links with the Kremlin, and there have been questions asked about whose side he is on.
      Given Chandler, Cummings, then Boris’s Russian connections ( money talks), you have to wonder what Oligarchs want in return for their money.
      More than a game of tennis, I would have thought.


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