For once, a good reason for bringing in Prof Pennington?

In the Guardian yesterday:

Pork and poultry with “unacceptable” levels of salmonella and E coli are reaching supermarket shelves in the US, according to the preliminary findings of a study that may confirm the fears of campaigners currently fighting to ensure the UK’s agriculture bill will protect domestic food standards and consumers.

While BBC Scotland only have to hear of any kind of health problem at all and think ‘We must get Prof Pennington on‘, mention of E coli must surely have three in a row flashing.

Strictly speaking, it’s all he’s known for:

It’s a great read, with detail such as:

Outbreaks of bloody diarrhea in 1982 in the United States marked the sudden appearance of E. coli O157

Shouldn’t that be Diarrhoea?

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5 thoughts on “For once, a good reason for bringing in Prof Pennington?

  1. There are no benefits to the UK in leaving the EU,except to Little Englanders with their delusions of being a world dominating power again.
    However,even the Brexiteers in charge know that a trading deal with the EU is paramount,without which they are dead in the water.
    All this nonsense about trade deals with a country thousands of miles away is just posturing in an attempt to gain leverage in the negotiations with the EU.
    They cannot be that dumb,could they?

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  2. England voted to “bring back control” yet the Boris Junta is to deny parliament a vote on blocking chlorinated chicken imports.

    Not that that would have made any difference to our doughty Scottish Toadies—they would vote for us all to eat crap if so instructed.

    Led by Whistling DRoss–when he isnt watching cow videos (with The Buffalo Gal? I think we should be told).

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  3. Nasty, poor chickens, poor pigs. Awful humans.
    Brexit will create even more idiot zombies in UKOK. Scotland needs to get out before it’s too late, if it’s not already.


  4. What have you done to your web site? Me no like!

    On topic. I saw something last week that the UK Gov is going to create 10 ‘border zones’ in the UK to help with processing lorry traffic to and from the EU.

    Completely destroys their arguments again a hard border between an independent Scotland and rUK ie England

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  5. This is, indeed, something for which Professor Poison is really well qualified. However, he will not be asked to comment because there is no SG baaad angle here. A deal with the US is important for the current UK Government and so the BBC will not allow any doubts about that to surface.

    With former BBC and ITV journalist, Allegra Stratton taking over as No 10 Press Officer, these broadcaster will now become “Bozza! Bozza! Bozza! Oi! Oi! Oi!” propagandists. Ms Stratton is even more condescending and contemptuous of ‘poor people’ (it is a lifestyle choice, doncha know?) than Julia Hartley Brewer. She is a self AWARE snob; little people must know their places.

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