The Red Balloon

In the Herald today:

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has hit out at the latest restrictions put in place across Scotland. The Labour leader took to social media writing: “No consultation. Crucial guidance published just six hours before restrictions kicked in. Hospitality giants announcing huge lay-offs. Bar-owners taking direct action in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

So, reacting in real time to emerging data on infections, hospitalisation and death and consulting with internationally renowned public health experts and this socialist thinks the Scottish Government should delay action so that businessmen can express an opinion?

What would the young Richard Leonard have thought of that back before the SNP stole the Labour Party’s mojo?

And owners taking direct action? Don’t the people take direct action against owners? Is he a post-modernist now? Nothing really matters any more?

He’s making a habit of this. He sided with the private care home owners and the university managers. That mask colour is so not him.

8 thoughts on “The Red Balloon”

  1. The London based parties here in Scotland have demanded more debate before the Scottish government makes decisions about public health measures.
    This is so not much about democratic accountability but more about politics and getting Nicola Sturgeon off the front pages and TV.
    The danger is,of course,that the public will see mixed messages from the political establishment and fail to comply with what is required in order to suppress this virus.
    We elected a government to make these sort of decisions and while debate is a good thing for the democratic process,it must not be used to undermine public confidence in government advice.

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  2. “Red Tory in panic to save his job”.

    As the civil war in Scottish Labour intensifies, Leotard hits out at an actual government, governing.

    Meanwhile, back at the Union (and Unionist) headquarters—

    “No need to panic, we have all the time in the world”, asserts unknown man.

    “Let us wait until there is consensus among the Licencing Trade before we shut the howfs and drinking dens”, says out-of-touch desperado.

    “Let the boss class put their profits before public health”, states buffoon on a public salary.

    “Give me a bladder on a stick, and follow me. I will lead you to………………………………………..!

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  3. That mask colour really does suit this ‘socialist’. He is no socialist he is a lackey for his masters in London, his Labour branch office in Scotland are a disgrace in attempting to undermine the crucial work of the Scottish Government in trying to keep this horrific virus at bay for the safety of all. Leotard should be calling out the Tories from the rooftops for not helping people more who are affected by job losses or reduction in wages etc, instead they award MP’s a few EXTRA £k on top of their £10k grant for god’s sake. What sort of socialist would be happy with that? One who is a fake, who takes a lot of money from the public purse to shaft the people of Scotland, and who sees them as collateral. Unforgiveable.
    Dick Leonard is a disgrace, and his party HQ’d in London would have people die in Scotland for their own selfish agenda, I hope they all rot in hell.

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  4. Looking at numbers going up in the UK, England is not looking good at all it’s horrific. There are many many houses near us, very high priced ones, for sale, and all are selling like hotcakes! The people buying them up are not hanging around, and it’s guarenteed there are few being bought up by people in Scotland. It will be very well off people in south of England, they are saving £’s by doing so, and know which side their bread is buttered.
    Shame we can’t just close the border for the next few months, it really is, people moving into Scotland will help spread Covid, it’s guarenteed.


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