Herald puts it better than I could

Today this Herald headline is such a fine piece of self-evaluation. Readers may remember these examples:

4 thoughts on “Herald puts it better than I could

  1. The Glasgow Herald. One of the oldest newspapers in the world, recording the birth of the United States and the end of the first British Empire.

    The Herald, no longer regional, it sought to portray itself as THE Scottish newspaper.

    The Herod. A mouthpiece for These Islands and their letter writing cult. A sad demise.

    A grand auld Scots sang reduced to a noxious British fart.

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  2. I thought, at first reading, this was a “green ink” effort from one of the SIU letter-writing team.

    However, on closer evaluation, I see thee writer had a go at BoJo and The Orangeman. Maybe he forgot to take his tablets.


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