Once more NHS Scotland fights on and the herald stokes fears to undermine their efforts

In what is, of course, largely a commercially driven tactic, the Herald offers us this morning nothing to help us understand anything.

Whether this is a deliberate or just lazy habitual pattern, it does, of course, contribute to the vain attempts to weaken the appeal of the SNP Government at this difficult time for the Union.

There are 46 major wards in the above hospital. In the middle of a pandemic, one has, ‘the Herald understands‘ closed in a precautionary move to control the spread of a virus.

The Health Board has not contacted the media with an alert, for the obvious reason that they are in control and to do so might scare patients away from attending planned treatments in the other 45 wards.

The Herald clearly cares little for this. Once more they reveal the lack of quality in their reporting and the lack of trust they merit.

Not satisfied with their little scare campaign, they cluster with reports based on two single cases from dentists, fed to them for ulterior motives, not ‘investigated’, telling us nothing about the wider situation, and a report from an academic. Prof Bell may be uncomfortable to find his report just picked up and stuck onto the Herald’s cluster to make up the numbers and complete the row of bad news.

3 thoughts on “Once more NHS Scotland fights on and the herald stokes fears to undermine their efforts

  1. I see the Herald is continuing on from last week with its NHS themed front pages. I wonder what has to happen in the world to push NHS Scotland off the Herald’s front page?

    Today it is the GPs turn with the usual one example used to damn the entire system. Although to be fair I think they managed to excel themselves and worked in a second example of sorts.

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  2. Just sit back and have a good old chuckle in the certain Knowledge that very very soon
    That a good few Northern EHNS trusts will
    Be in dire straights and in all probability SHALL collapse
    Then Scots will have their own reality in our SHNS as a benchmark from which to compare

    From a military propesctive Boris is now being forced to fight on many fronts ( all his own making ) with more and more fronts opening up
    I.E. EU trade talks in critical phase now
    Northern mayors rebelling
    Some Tory MP,s beginning to rebel
    His Pal Trump losing
    Economy tanking
    Rising unemployment
    Small business folding
    Emerging civil disobedience
    And the Mother F***ker of them all as far as he concerned A massive pro Indy Holyrood
    He is rapidly becoming a Hitler trapped in the Bunker
    Papers do not make the REAL headlines
    Tis events my dear fellow events that do


  3. Editors Office…. AM…… Brainstorming sesh.

    “What have we got this morning, chaps”?

    Bols-Over……..”Eh, um. How about Nicola BAAAAD, as a wee change from SNP BAAAD”?

    Gordo…”I think we should big up the utter chaos and collapse of the NHS, and how DRosso would save it with the Internal Market Bill “.

    “I like a man who will put something in his mouth, and just blow it”.

    “Yup, good stuff, chappies. I think we should go with both. Just for a change”!
    “Woodward and Bernstein–eat your hearts out”!


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