Hancock’s Happy Hypocrisy Hour?

By Brenda Steele

So much for the 10pm pub curfew. Once again, it seems, the Tories have led by example – if it’s okay for them to break it, it’s okay for you to break it too. According to the Mail, of all papers, Matt Hancock – the Health Secretary who championed lockdown measures like the curfew – was caught breaking it after a late-evening vote: Health Secretary Matt Hancock was last night accused of breaking his own Covid curfew by drinking in a Commons bar beyond 10pm – where he made a crass joke about the Government’s test and trace failings.

Sunday 11 October’s Andrew Marr Show was missing something. There was an unusual Mail on Sunday-shaped hole in its paper review. But it’s not really a surprise, because for once the right-wing tabloid’s front page poured shame on the Tories. Cue Marr burying bad news on behalf of the government.

Hancock in trouble

Sky News did report that health secretary Matt Hancock is in hot water, again. It said that:

Hancock has denied claims he broke the government’s coronavirus drinking curfew by continuing to consume alcohol in the Commons bar after 10pm.

One thought on “Hancock’s Happy Hypocrisy Hour?

  1. Thanks for this. I rarely watch the Marr programme and do not read the Mail on Sunday. I found this within the coverage of the BBC’s omission in The Canary:

    “Over the course of the pandemic, the BBC has wilfully protected the Tories’ reputation. It has literally thrown public interest journalism out of the window.”

    Now that last sentence rings a bell – and not just during the pandemic!

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