Sue the care home owners?

‘Drummond Grange care home patients moved from hospital ‘against the families will’ died within five days of each other’

This is a clear piece of misrepresentation of the facts to support the opposition party project to attack the SNP on the supposed consequences of hospital discharges.

Two elderly dementia patients died within five days of each other after being moved into the same Scottish care home against their families’ will, it has been alleged. One of the families is now pursuing legal action against the Scottish government.

The headline is wrong. One of the two was transferred from another care home, not a hospital.

The other, 80 years-old, picked up Covid-19 in the care home not in the hospital.

The care home, privately owned by Barchester Healthcare Ltd, failed a Covid-19-related inspection in May 2020, on several criteria but including infection control (page 4):

Click to access Scottish_Parliament_fortnightly_CI_inspections_report_10_June_2020.pdf

One thought on “Sue the care home owners?”

  1. I am no apologist for private care homes but …. Whatever the particular circumstances and basis of this legal action, on the face of it the transfer of two people with dementia into this care home was hardly to a place lacking (apparently) in appropriate facilities, expertise and track record! On the contrary.

    According to this home’s website, it presents itself as an ideal, highly qualified place to look after those with serious illness including dementia – surely much more suitable for dementia sufferers than a busy hospital ward during a pandemic?

    The website states: “Drummond Grange Care Home in Lasswade, Edinburgh

    At Drummond Grange we provide support to younger adults with physical disabilities, including spinal injury. We also support and care for people with long-term illnesses such as Huntington’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The care we provide varies from life support ventilation, physiotherapy and enteral feeding to physical and psychological assistance with daily routines or pastimes.

    In addition, on separate units we provide first class 24-hour care for older people with varying nursing or residential support needs. We also have a dedicated Memory Lane Community, where our team is specifically trained to provide the highest standard of care for people living with dementia.”

    In its ‘latest news’ section, the home’s website notes it is: “one of the first homes to be accredited as part of Barchester’s 10-60-06 Dementia Care Programme reflecting the enhanced quality of dementia care and improved quality of life experienced by residents here at Drummond Grange.”

    The website also provides a large number of very positive endorsements of the care provided to relatives.

    I wonder what the complaints in the legal action knew about this care home at the time of their relatives’ transfer that ran counter to the home’s credentials provided by its website?

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