Labour hypocrisy almost funny if it wasn’t so..

SCOTTISH Labour has demanded that a full public inquiry that takes place into the Covid-19 crisis examines whether allowing students to return to university during the pandemic was appropriate.’

In the Herald, above Richard Leonard frets about students asked to self-isolate with six chums while UK Labour, including Ian Murray, abstained on legislation to ‘decriminalise torture.’

In the Guardian today:

Labour has sacked three junior shadow ministers who joined with Jeremy Corbyn and 14 other Socialist Campaign group MPs in breaking the party’s whip by voting against the second reading of a controversial armed forces bill. The proposed presumption against prosecution applies to offences such as war crimes and torture and critics say it breaches international humanitarian law, although the government says it is designed to end vexatious litigation against the armed forces.

I suppose having to stay in a flat for 14 days with five or more other students will be pretty smelly – torture even?

11 thoughts on “Labour hypocrisy almost funny if it wasn’t so..”

  1. A state which allows it’s armed forces and security services to openly act outwith any legal restrictions,is a fascist state whose sole belief is in the might is right principle.
    No surprises from the junta currently running the show in Westminster aided and abetted by their friends in New Labour.
    Their leader across the pond appears to have recovered from his 48 hour covid infection and has returned to the private hospital in the White House,so will encourage the fascists in London to continue on their path of lawlessness.

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    1. The truth is that he cannot see beyond the SNPbaaad target he has in his sights and he certainly doesn’t have peripheral vision to judge the wider context.
      But, don’t forget, he is the best leader that SLab could have at this time – perhaps his lack of vision extends wider than just SNPbaaadism.

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  2. There is a student at one of the Scottish universities who has become a go-to pundit for BBC Scotland. She appeared with several others giving vox pops on the first day that halls of residence were restricted. Then, she appeared on Gordon Brewer’s Sunday programme where he invited her to blame the SG, which she duly did. She was on the radio this morning. She is not an NUS spokesperson (he was actually measured, balanced and constructive.) I wonder if she was at private school with the offspring of a BBC Scotland person or perhaps she is in the Young Conservatives.

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  3. Fret not
    After Holyrood poll what few MSP,s the branch office have left
    Then you can lock them all up in a Telephone Box
    Turn into a 24 hr Realty TV Show
    Winner being the one to become clinically
    Mad last
    Nurses on standard with straight jackets
    & needles


  4. Torture’s OK with New Labour, nice bunch aren’t they.
    Aren’t some students getting a rent rebate and some free food for staying in isolation to save lives in Scotland? I am sure they will be fine, well except for the one lass is she paid for appearing on all the tv programmes to slate the ScotGov?


  5. Labour going into extinction in Scotland. Lower than the Tories who consider Scotland vermin. The rats are now being exterminated as well. Away hiding, To contain the pandemic,

    Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world. The students are getting funded and helped so well. Not piled with massive debt. Most consider themselves extremely able to follow the guidelines and deal with the pandemic. In unprecedented times they are equipped to manage. Extremely smart and capable. The Scottish Gov is too. Giving out clear guidelines and rule to follow has helped to control the virus.


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