The Glasgow Herod?

Should have gone to spook-savers?

In the Herald today:

By Sharon Bar-li (Israeli Embassy)

On Thursday, the Israeli and Scottish football teams face off against each other to qualify for the European Championship. Despite a clash on the football pitch, Israel and Scotland share many a commonality and there is much for us to celebrate.

Might we need to discuss this first?,United%20Nations%20Human%20Rights%20Council.&text=The%20United%20Nations%20General%20Assembly,and%20expansionist%20policies%20and%20practices.

There is a factory in Fife making guidance systems for missiles used in Yemen and Scottish soldiers have behaved badly on behalf of his or her majesties in the past but I think we’ve cleaned up our act enough to want better friends.

Many a commonality? I think not.

Go on, tell me this is anti-semitic.

12 thoughts on “The Glasgow Herod?”

  1. Until there are two sovereign States (by common consent) sitting side by side, or………. ALL people from the Med to the Jordan enjoying equal religious, legal, political and citizenship rights under the one government of the country (Greater Israel?), then there is no “commonality”.
    I wish Israel well, but it must be a just Israel, not one bolstered by militarism and its own anti-semitic colonialism.

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  2. Semite: A member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.

    Israel: A country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea; population 8,100,000 (estimated 2015); capital (not recognized as such by the United Nations), Jerusalem; languages, Hebrew (official), English, and Arabic.

    No it’s not anti-semitic to criticise the Rulers of Israel.

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    1. However, the terms “Jewish” (both religious and secular), Zionism, the state of Israel and the government of the day of Israel have been conflated by people with agendas and by the media, so that the distinctions are smeared and a criticism of any one of these is presented as an attack on them all and, specifically on Jewishness and is then decried as ‘antisemitic’ (by making this term exclusive to one particular group.)

      So, people should not be intimidated from criticising, say, an action by the current government of Israel, by the threat of being maligned, wrongly as antisemitic.

      This labelling is also used by self-proclaimed ‘progressives’, when they will label someone as ‘Zionist’ because that person expressed admiration for some aspect of Israel or Israeli culture.

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  3. Don’t wan’t to appear churlish . . . . but
    I don’t see the sense in discussing this subject before Scotland leaves the UK . Our struggle is with England, we don’t need to go looking for additional opposition.


    1. Agree with you there but we need to challenge those attempting to portray Scotland in the way they want it to be viewed, nationally and more importantly, internationally. Scotland should decide who to be friends with and who to call out for their cruelty and warring on other nations, rather than have others telling us and the world who we are bestie pals with. No thanks.


      1. agree with you there . . . but.
        That’s a neat trick

        . . We need to challenge.

        We need to become independent.


  4. Scotland and the people of Scotland will choose which countries they wish to have a ‘commonality’ with, not anyone else. Scotland’s ‘commonality’ is with the Nordic countries and also Europe, it’s only by being part of that ‘family of nations’ (thanks Camoron) that Scotland can exercise any influence in the world, for peace, justice and equality.
    Most people do not feel any ‘commonality’ with the regime in Israel, how can they knowing that the terrible oppression of the Palestians is going on.
    Too much warring and selfishness in the world, if it doesn’t stop, humans will completely destroy themselves. Stupid.


  5. The state of Israel. A corrupt PM. On trial for corruption. The pandemic running wild. Riots and violent social unrest. The PM and his cronies, taking bribes and embezzling public monies. The economy in ruins of mismanagement. Corrupt press influence for bribes and favours. PM bribing favours illegally from media stations. Biased influence. Total abuse of public funding . 3 elections in a year with no conclusive outcome. They are away to have another. Major protests outside the PM’s house every night. Violent arrests and disorder. The economy tanking before the pandemic, now even worse. Mass unemployment

    More in common with the Tories. Their corrupt Tory/Labour mates not following guidelines. Mass destruction, killing people illegally. Illegal wars and corruption, Financial fraud and tax evasion. The state of it. Illegal construction. Unequal, abusive, destructive, biased bigoted and racist. . Breaking International with impunity. Trying to destroy the world. The state of it. A state of emergency imposed and curfews. An absolute disgrace. Bribery and corruption. Illegally killing people. Mass murder. The Western powers backing up a pariah state for bribes and favours.


  6. ‘Israel’ , a population of 8 million has 122 nuclear warheads to threaten it’s neighbours. Supplied by the US.. Funded by US/foreign aid. Illegally against International Treaties. The Balfour Declaration without which there would not be strife, struggle and death . Costing $trillions wasted, which could be better spent. By helping people not blowing the world to bits. It creates poverty, hunger disease and destruction. Mass migration problems. Total corruption beyond belief. Invading other lands to which they have no right. Refusing people’s legitimate rights,. Condemned by the UN to no avail. The corruption and misery supported by the US. Similar. Much in common. Unauthorised power of the inhumane elite. Totally disgusting.


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