University pays for prof’s therapy after he tells colleagues to f**k off!

So, he paid party membership fees for decades, then when he needed help, they paid for counselling. What a revelation, Hannah! All that training is paying-off.

After a TIA (mini-stroke) the day before my 60th birthday, ten years ago, I started telling colleagues to f**k off. They were all bullies who deserved it so they used the University’s anti-bullying regulations to have me disciplined. Once I reminded them I’d just had a TIA, they sent me to a nice woman in HR who taught me to anchor calm feelings to a knuckle.

It worked. Any time anyone pissed me off, I planted the knuckle firmly into their face. I didn’t. I pressed it and calmed down. It worked. After that, in meetings when colleagues sensed my dander rising, they’d reach across and press it for me. One, older, lonely, woman did it quite a lot so I punched her in the face. I didn’t.

I hadn’t paid the university any fees but still got the therapy free. I’d only worked for them for 37 years. Looking back that should have been investigated.

Today, the Herald headlines a man who texted a 16 year-old boy. Don’t 16 year-old boys specialise in telling everyone, even their mums, to f**k off?

To be fair, I seem to remember the press headlining the serial paedophile, Cyril Smith and at least some of the local press in England did headline two Tory mayors who actually raped children.

Excuse me while I press my knuckle.

3 thoughts on “University pays for prof’s therapy after he tells colleagues to f**k off!”

  1. The media, what else are they trying to dig up. Media tripe. At least Mackay actually received support. Tories don’t even bother, they just make excuses and carry on as they were, disgraceful.

    It sounds like the therapy you had was worth it John. I use a new anti anxiety distraction technique found on TED talks, there are lots of good talks there on coping with stress and anxiety etc, especially now, even more important.

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  2. It seems the BritNats are in campaign mode now, determined to work at losing support for the SNP, even more than usual. The BritNats’ have never stopped campaigning, it’s very negative, they must believe it works though.


  3. Did Deputy and Acting Prime Minister Damian Green receive party support/counselling after his harassment/sleazy conduct/dirty tricks episodes?
    Did Theresa May/Cabinet Office know about Green beforehand?
    When DID she know and what did she do?
    Has the Herod el al ever asked?

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